Great game as you progress.

User Rating: 8.5 | Don't Starve PC
This game is very fun, its a game that starts off slow, but as you make new tools and get to the later days progressing, it gets very fun and very intense. I also like the facts that they added new characters for you to unlock, which makes you want to play even more and make you wanna get to the later levels just so you can play and unlock the latest character with its own unique ability. There are also different worlds that you can visit, and different landscapes to explore when it is daytime, and even scarier at night. Being able to set up walls, making you're house bigger and bigger with stronger materials, and being able to have the satisfaction of knowing that you are safe inside you're house at night is something that you strive for when playing this game. Overall the game is very fun and i recommend it to anyone who is interested or thinking about getting it. Its also pretty cheap, not the same amount as a normal game, but still as fun as one.