c'mon! A 4.6!?? It deserves a bit more than that!!

User Rating: 7.1 | Donkey Kong NES
Come on guys. You all know this one. It's freakin' Donkey Kong! The game where you are Mario, who is determined to save his gal from the evil clutches of a giant ape. There are 3 levels, which isn't much... but this is a classic. You can jump over hazards, and use the hammer to crush your foes. The gameplay still proves to be pretty fun, and although it shows some age, it brings back fond memories of the NES. Yes, this is a bit inferior to the arcade version. So what? At the time, THIS was the arcade experience at home. The graphics are good, but I will admit the NES can do much better. The classic music and sound effects are a big plus for me... no one can forget the classic jump and hammer sounds. For a mere $5, you can escape into some simple, nostalgic fun.