Kirby fans may want to give this a shot, but others can probably pass it up.

Back when this game came out good DS games were still rare (but not quite as rare as good PSP games...) so this was a solid effort. But it just wasn't quite all it needed to be.

The game is all stylus controlled. Kirby is the little pink ball and he is constantly on the move, your job is to draw him paths where they need to be and tap enemies to knock them out.

Kirby can gain powers just like in the other games and you can use these to get secret items hidden here and there. It's got all the characteristics of a Kirby game plus a touch screen and some magic line drawing power.

The line drawing things was made fairly well. You have a certain amount of power you can use to draw the line and after not drawing anything for a few seconds it will quickly regenerate for you to use again. This requires you to think about the lines you are drawing and do them in such a way you get Kirby where he needs to be without running out of power. This is especially critical during boss fights.

Boss fights were decently cool. They took some think and obvious some stylus work. Drawing lines quickly and accurately to get Kirby to an attack position or get the boss knocked down for Kirby to attack. But there were still a few moments in which I felt I was doing things right and the game disagreed with me and let me feeling a bit frustrated. Not to many stand out in my mind though; which is a good thing.

Levels had some good variation. Your classic platforming style variation of course. Ice levels, water, fire, falling levels. All that jazz.

There were lots of items hidden all over for you to snag to unlock things and also a time trial mode to complete and unlock more things. In fact, completing simply the main game mode alone is only about 30% completion of the overall material. However, some of the time trials simply feel impossible and the rewards never feel good enough to put yourself through that frustration.

For example, you can unlock new characters to play as. Either way they are all round balls rolling around and the main game mode doesn't feel worthy of much more than one playthrough. You can also unlock different colors for the lines you draw...meh.

Basically, I say get it from a friend and play through the main mode once to experience it, but not much more. Try some time trials if you want, but once you feel frustrated return the game and consider your Kirby DS time over. Maybe they'll put another one out thats got some improvements because this game has the potential, but falls a bit short.