Everybody is too busy playing this game right now to even write a review+I decided to take a break and tell you whats up

User Rating: 9.5 | Donkey Kong Country Returns WII
First of all let's give a thumbs up to Retro Studios. They have done a marvelous job with the Metroid series, and now they have revived one of our favorite characters Donkey Kong.

The game is wonderful all around, and extremely polished. I believe this is a complete package and is in no way an attempt to bring back nostalgia. This is a different game in its own right with all the major gameplay tweaks etc.

The gameplay is amazingly addictive. Its the good ol platforming action that has been with us since we were kids. Retro Studios takes it up a few notches by giving us epic scenarios and a vast variety to the platforming genre. I don't like spoiling the different worlds, but you are in for a real treat.

I do wish you could play as Diddy Kong in single player mode, but it's such an amazing game that I chose to forget about that while playing the game. It would have made this game perfect though. The new enemies are a ton of fun, and the boss battles are very enjoyable. These are the best boss battles I have seen in a long time and they are very challenging indeed.

The musical score is very catching as well. I was cooking my supper, and I was already whistling most of these hardcore tunes. Oh, and I had this insane whiskey hangover today... but this game cured it almost instantly after I put it into my Wii.

Anyways... going to play some more DK. Hope you're enjoying your copy, and for those who have not purchased it I recommend this game for sure. It's a whole lot of fun.