One of my fav games of ps2

In this special edition of Devil May Cry 3, Capcom's success, you can play with Vergil, brother of the demon hunter Dante, using every weapon he used during the game.
How could it be, you will also see the story through the eyes of Vergil and feel on the skin all he had to spend to try to open the portal to hell and get the powers of his father, Sparda, Dante tries to stop while it.
The gameplay is quite different with Vergil and Dante. He has the style "Dark Slayer" in which pressing "O" at the right time he will perform a movement behind the enemy and will appear in the middle of an attack, or can be used as a defense, dodging the enemy's attack and preparing a counter attack. He also does not have weapons, but a sword chasing enemies, Gen Hey Ken. In addition, a Japanese style sword, the "Yamato". With it you give blows style samurai, also allowing air combos. Those accustomed to watching anime will identify a lot with her because her style is quite beautiful to see, with a sword she makes about 10 cuts on the enemy, nearly slashing him in various ways. The other sword is the "forged by the devil, the Force Edge. Similar to Dante's sword is a sword that this is traditionally the series, containing hits like crossing the enemy, or break your armor. It is the sword "brute force" the game.
The most interesting weapon is a sword not believe me, is the "Beowulf." Is nothing more than a glove and boots with a devastating power. With it you can beat the enemy with blows and combos like a fighting game, using only his fists and kicks very powerful. The style is more fun to play, but can be tricky in some heads, because that requires that the character is closer to the enemy.
The game is extremely beautiful, with a very competent art direction. The look of the scenery is very reminiscent of ancient castles europe, with that look bleak. Much of the game is set in a tower, and inside you will witness beautiful interior decorator who would do drool. Since reflective floors, walls lined with marble, doors with decorations and details that make a difference. He could not forget the architecture environments extremely complex and enormous.
The game is pretty intense and you will not stand still for long. In almost all "screens" of the game there are enemies, and over time these will become increasingly strong. Some even require special strategies to be defeated. The scenario is absurdly large, and contains many secrets. Discover them is part of the experience, and it is rewarding after a few jumps you come upon them. Speaking of intelligence, beyond the common missions, each one reserving sites that you access the "Secret Missions", which you can earn items after finishing each one, which requires expertise and certain requirements, such as not to suffer no harm in a room with several enemies.
There is not much variety in the songs but unfortunately all have great quality. When you're alone in the scenarios is an incidental soundtrack, no less grim than the look, combining all. Light touch on the piano as if calling the player to solve the scenario. Chords are very beautiful and will stay in your head for a long time, sound very much part of DMC has always struck me about it. When you enter a room and the enemies start to come to track changes to a hard rock heavy, with a voice "crying", those we're used to seeing on MTV's life.
But blends with the respect it as if the idea is that they were going to sing a demon is watching and excited by the acrobatics of Dante and Vergil. The sound effects of swords are reasonable, which you can not say the same sound of the shots that are a little muffled, but fulfill their role. Also, the time you're in a room with dozens of screaming demons, plus music and the sound of blows hitting enemies, namely that "zone" will understand that the whole work sound could not be better for this game. After all the hours of despair with a lot of enemies around you the smallest thing that you will be able to repair it if the sound effects are crystal clear.
Despite being an action game that will please most fans, DMC 3 SE has a defect that can ward off most beginners, the difficulty. Even on Easy it is likely that the player has some difficulty, especially in leaders. Modes "Dante must die" then the thing is complicated enough. Since these zero modes is required to unlock the clothes and other modes, it is fair to say that only the most dedicated will enjoy the game.