Donkey Kong Country 3 Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Reach Krematoa

    To reach Krematoa (the Lost World), go to the four rocks east (left) of Mekanos. Stay on the rocks as you circle around it clockwise about four times and the volcano will replace the rocks.

  2. Reach Pacifica

    To reach the new exclusive to this game Oceanic based world, when you get the jetski use your turbo up the waterfall right where you started the game. Go up the waterfall after that and swim to the very hidden world marked by a K Rool Flag

  3. Best ending

    To obtain the best ending in the game, you must collect every Bonus Coin in the game, every DK Coin, and every Banana Bird, and defeat the last boss in Krematoa.

  4. Unlimited Bear Coins

    Go to the Sunken Spruce level in Pacifica. After you get to the second Bonus level (the one near the rope), go up and get the Bear Coin that's by the Buzz, then go into the Bonus level. Either win or lose, and you'll end up by the rope, with the Bear Coin still there. Repeat this to get unlimited Bear Coins.

  5. Cheat Menu Cheats

    Enter these into the 'Enter Cheat' screen found in the 'Options' menu.

    Code Effect
    kredits View Credits
    music Music Player (Sound Test)
    harder No Midpoint Barrels
    Extras Allows you to play Funky's, Cranky's and Swanky's Mini-Games from Main Menu.
    Monkey Start game with 50 more Lives
    Tuffer Removes DK and Star-Barrels (only on new game)
    aqua Get all 98 Bonus Coins
    46COINS Character gains all 46 DK coins.

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
Boss FAQ Boss FAQ by Kowbrainz 36K
Secrets FAQ Secrets FAQ by Kowbrainz 21K