a snake charmer of a game!

this game is great i didn't complete the playstation version so i got it on my GC and was totally impressed by it. It is a port of the original game but if it wasnt people would moan that they changed it to much, plus the changes they did make are great using the MGS2 style gameplay e.g. first person view this makes aiming much less of a chor. There are also alot of easter eggs in the game especialy in the boss battles witch i wont spoil! the only bad things in the game are getting used to the GC controller e.g. it's easy to let go the Z button witch has got me killed a few times i also think this game shows that the playstation has a superior controller because there is no need to press two buttons to enter the codec and the annoluges are also face buttons wich the GC controller could of done with. I also think a few more extras like an added level or an unlockable making of feature wouldn't of gone a miss.