Donkey Kong 64 Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. Special Ending

    To get a special ending, collect all 201 gold bananas then beat King K. Rool.
    You will not be able to view this extra video clip in the DK Theatre though.

  2. Take No Falling Damage

    If you hold the Z button and slide off of a high ledge, you will fall safely to the bottom without taking any damage.

  3. Free Instrument Power

    Once you get a Kong's instrument from Candy's Shop, she mentions that using the instrument will 'deafen' (kill) enemies, and even trigger special events for free when played on its own pad. However, if you're running low on instrument power, and you want to use it to kill the enemies in the vicinity but not trigger the event (i.e. in Angry Aztec, if you want to kill the Kremling outside the temple but don't want the bird to swoop down and pick you up), simply stand on the rim of the pad and play your tune. This will trick the game into allowing you to perform the move for free, but not trigger the event.

    Note: This only works when the Instrment Pad is designated for the Kong you're playing as.

  4. Secret Test Area

    Go to the minigame selection screen in Snide's HQ (needs to be unlocked first) and hit A and B at the same time. If done right, you should be brought to a secret area that the developers probably used to test out the game mechanics. If you try to run out of this area, you will just be warped back to the starting point. So to leave this area, you must reset the game.

  5. Jetpac Game

    To unlock Jetpac, you must collect a minimum of 15 banana medals. Once you have collected at least 15 banana medals (with any character), go to Cranky's Lab in any level and he will allow you to play Rare's first game, Also, If you find and photograph a total of 6 banana fairies (using the Banana Fairy Camera), you will unlock Jetpac in the Mystery Menu of the game. Additionally, by scoring a total of 5,000 points in Jetpac you will receive the Rareware Coin which will be used later on in the game.

  6. Receive Banana Camera

    First off, use the Tag Barrel to switch to Tiny Kong. As Tiny Kong, leave the level you are currently in and head into the water outside of DK Isle. Swim through the water over to the island with a pineapple shaped face on it. Once on this island, you will find a Tiny Barrel (near the back of the face), jump in to become small. While small, find an opening on the face and go inside. The queen Banana Fairy will tell you her sad story and grant you with the Banana Camera along with a new ability.

  7. Unlock Donkey Kong Theater

    To receive the Donkey Kong Theater option, you must first have the Banana Camera and then photograph a minimum of 2 banana fairies (in any level). Once you have photographed at least two fairies, you will find the DK Theater feature unlocked and accessible from the opening screen.

  8. Fight Bosses Again

    To unlock this feature, you must use the Banana Camera and photograph a minimum of 10 banana fairies (in any level) which will then unlock this ''Boss Refight'' feature from the Mystery Menu in the beginning of the game.

  9. Unlimited Items

    Find and photograph all 20 banana faries to unlock this feature in the Mystery Menu.

  10. Krusha in Multiplayer

    Find and photograph 15 banana faries to unluck this feature in the Mystery Menu.

  11. Donkey Kong Arcade Game

    Located in Frantic Factory, is the original Arcade machine. To activate the lever, complete the blast barrel course located in the level. Then use your B move (Gorilla Grab) to activate the Arcade machine. Complete the Arcade game twice to get the Nintendo Coin.

    Once you have 6 Banana fairies, this game will be available to play from the Mystery menu. It is one of those games which cycles through the four levels, getting harder and harder. Good luck.

  12. Play the mini games at any time

    Collect and take all 40 of Snide's blueprints to him, and you will be given the ability to play any of the mini-games at any time.

  13. Unlock Rambi and Enguarde Arena

    In order to be able to unlock Rambi/Enguarde Arena, you must photograph 6 Banana Faries on any level. After you do this, you can access Rambi/Enguarde Arena in the Mystery menu.

    Code Effect
    Photograph 6 Banana Fairies Rambi/Enguarde Arena
  14. Unlocking other Kongs

    If you want the other members you must do the following.

    Code Effect
    Use Donkey Kong in Jungle Japes Diddy kong
    Use Diddy Kong in Angry Aztec 1st section Tiny Kong
    Use Donkey Kong in Angry Aztec 2nd section Lanky Kong
    Use Lanky Kong in Frantic Factory Chunky Kong

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