Dokuro Cheats For PlayStation Vita

  1. Trophies

    There are 16 Bronze Trophies, 9 Silver Trophies, 5 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    Code Effect
    Earn all other Dokuro trophies to unlock this platinum trophy Shining Skeleton
    Collect all coins Dark Lord's Treasure Complete!
    Complete all areas in a total of 250 minutes or less Master of the Castle
    Defeat 100 monsters in Skeleton Form A Cornered Rat...
    Defeat 1000 monsters in Hero Form A Hero is Born
    Light 4 torches with a single red chalk Candlelighter
    Complete all areas in a total of 350 minutes or less Call Me Speedy
    Fall from a great height Skydiver
    Collect 135 coins Treasure Hunter
    Collect 120 coins Moneybags
    Collect 100 coins Who Keeps Dropping These?
    Complete stages 1 to 4 Apprentice
    Complete stages 5 to 8 Newby Knight
    Complete stages 9 to 11 Knight
    Collect your first coin Lucky Find
    Collect 10 coins I'll Just Hold On to These
    Collect 25 coins Numismatist
    Collect 50 coins Old-Mismatist
    Collect 75 coins Bulging Pockets
    Pick up the Princess 200 times Aw, Shucks
    Die 100 times Friends with Death
    Use white chalk successfully White Chalk Master
    Complete stage 14 without taking any damage Go Big or Go Home
    Complete stage 11-5 without being discovered once Hide 'n' Seek
    Complete all stages Happily Ever After
    Defeat the Dark Lord without taking any damage Dark Lord? No Biggie
    Complete stages 12 to 15 Master Knight
    Successfully deflect boomerangs 100 times Batting 100%
    Let the princess get knocked out 100 times With Friends Like These...
    Use red chalk successfully Red Chalk Master
    Use blue chalk successfully Blue Chalk Master

    Contributed by: Guard Master