Dokapon Kingdom Cheats For Wii

  1. Job Unlockables

    How to unlock specific jobs.

    Code Effect
    Master 1 of the Starter Jobs Cleric
    Master Magician and Thief Alchemist
    Master Warrior and Thief Ninja
    Master Warrior and Magician Spellsword
    Master Cleric Monk
    Get a Casino Ticket Acrobat
    Master Spellsword, Ninja, and Acrobat and get Hero License from the City Above the Clouds Hero
    Master Alchemist and Monk and get Lost Technology from Sunken Shrine Robo Knight
  2. Gallery Mode

    After completing any game mode once, you'll be asked to save your game. After saving the game, the Gallery will be selectable from the title screen. The Gallery is the same as the one viewable during a game, containing data on all equipment/classes/monsters/etc. that players have found during the game.

  3. Cheats during gameplay

    Once you save a town enter the code (holding wiimote sideways.) (must be done for each town individually)

    Code Effect
    A,A+2 Towns give double taxes

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
Other Lost Forest Dungeon Map by Crystalorbie 27K
Other Casino Cave Dungeon Map by Crystalorbie 18K
Other Lava Caves Dungeon Map by Crystalorbie 39K
Other Spring Cave Dungeon Map by Crystalorbie 16K
Other Prologue Map by BanzaiBill 51K
FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by Monistic_Turtle 186K
Walkthrough Walkthrough by Data_Hunter 26K
Other Class Guide by KainVermillion 22K