The game has good action but lacks in bosses and puzzles and pretty bad voice acting.

User Rating: 7.5 | DmC: Devil May Cry PS3
The Devil May Cry games are Hack N Slash and when it first came out it was praised because it's excellent gameplay this latest one is a reboot of the franchise that needed it but has it got enough to worth a purchase.


The story is actually pretty had to follow there is this immortal known as Mundus that killed Dantes parents and he wants revenge.


Well it's your typical really DMC brought to this gen unlike the earlier ones the camera is nice and solid and doesn't become a pain to manage. The game does have plenty of platforming and stuff too.

It has keys which unlocks doors which if you complete a special task gives you a reward at the end. Your currency is by most taking out bad guys to upgrade your gear that you have which can give you some great use against stronger enemies.

The weapons are good like your standard sword and guns but you also get things like spears,a big hammer like thing and the ability to have a stronger punch and you get these throughout the game and some are vital against certain enemies. You also get a thing later in the game called Devils Trigger which stuns enemies and gives you the chance to deal more damage whilst your health meter slowly goes up.

If there is one thing lacking it's puzzles it just seems to be more go forward and take out some bad guys and the combat isn't perfect and sometimes you want to attack an enemy but it targets the wrong one. Another thing is while the bosses are large they don't really take that much to defeat they are fairly easy and you should beat them first time through.


The games voice acting is a bit all over the place the new looking Dante is a bit more cocky and some who played recent entries won't like the change that much. The graphics are pretty neat when you go into various areas and the Limbo sort of world as it's known in this game.


It's not along game you can beat it in about less than 10 hours and you can always go back and look for stuff you missed but really there isn't much incentive to go back.

Overall Opinion

Devil May Cry might be a reboot but it just feels like the series has stood still. The characters are pretty bland and the combat is virtually the same and whilst some people will like that it won't appeal to everyone.

Overall Opinion 7.4