Best yet. There i said it.

User Rating: 8 | DmC: Devil May Cry PS3
I went into this game expecting both the best and worst devil may cry to date.

What i got, is a fantastic reboot with some excellent, well implemented ideas, this is a series evolved. I have played and finished all the other devil may cry games to date, finishing them all in their entirety including all difficulty levels (except devil may cry 2, as that wasn't the best..) Therefore i hold my own as a fan of the series, but this game i believe is the best to date, it brings a freshness to the old routine.

The pace sets out fast from the off and maintains nicely throughout, only slowing for some platforming sections, that while not being the most entertaining parts to a game you'll have ever played, they look good and feel good to navigate.

The bosses are the same old Devil May Cry formula, of just learning their patterns and beating them to hell, usually by slashing their weak point until it becomes even weaker, then slashing it some more. But that's expected, right?!

I hope this is the future of devil may cry games, ninja theory have done an excellent job.