Let's talk here for a second fans who support this game part 2!

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Because this happened-


The next phase in our GameSpot and GameFAQs breakup has been made this morning. Some of you will notice the following:

- All games now have a game board, thanks to everyone's feedback. You will still some genre boards and series boards around the site, but for the most part there should not be anymore confusion about a missing game board.

- GameFAQs crossover board will no long be accessible but you may continue to read the discussions. With this change, you will not longer be confused about why you received a moderation mark in your moderation history.


I decided to make the topic again so that you don't have to hop over to GameFAQs and can talk about the game here...


So keep talking here! 


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that totally was confusing me. thanks for the clear up

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They could have warned us, right? 


I had to dig through the forums to find out what happened!  

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Also on the noteof anothertopic where the dev says i dont care if it sells X vs Y, im beggining to feel like there is a connection between capcom and them outsourcing their titles. Heck, the people who did Racoon City basicly said, "we just did what we were told to make" its almost like they are starting to throw it under the bus. Myabe im reading too much into it but I think these might be signs of birth pains on the part of Ninja Theory.

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I think I'm just going to jump ship to gamefaqs for the sake of easeiness, I'm gonna miss my profile image though. lol


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Oh the topic "I don't care if it sells  a thousand units or two million"? 


Mmm, it makes sense that they don't want all the heat of angry fans (even though they created most of it) by trying to put Capcom in front of them like a shield.


But I like to think that if they're doing something and messing up, they're equally at fault.  

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Alright ZeroX91, I'll be monitoring my topic there too, though, I won't post much because on GameFAQ I can only post 30 messages a day on there. 

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Missed my icon so I'm back. lol

So slightly off topic, but how well do you guys/gals think this well sell?

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Mmm, this is my personal opinion but for numbers, I believe the game will ship around 500,000 to 1.6 mil. 


These are my middle numbers. Max is around 2mil. Min is less then 500,000 units, which could be hm... 430,000. 

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Honestly, sales will be nothing groundbeaking and thats optimistic. You can blame the bad PR for gamers that pay attention to the industry and unless they pay up the butt for a massive ad campeign, no one will know it exists. Im not going to say this game will bomb but I think "average" sales would be optimistic.

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if the game is fun to play, i could care less about the industry reaction. we all know yearly releases like call of duty and et cetera will always get more fanfare.

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The looks really good so i really hope it gets good sales.

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Yeah, due to the really negative responses from the fans (trolls) of the series I really don't see it selling all that well. Which is a shame, because it looks like there is no denying it will be a fun third person hack and slash. The gameplay looks solid and fluid, and the art style is really well executed. But hey, seems gameplay just isn't as essential as a decent hairstyle am I right? Okay, I see that they also didn't like other things like Dante's new attitude, but honestly it was never Dante that made me want to play Devil May Cry in the first place. Buying a game for a characters attitude only matters depending on the genre of the game. This is the type of game where you beat the living crap out of anything that moves, not a game where you have to create a deep emotional connection with the characters. Anyway, I could go on but I wont. In terms of sales I don't see it selling well, which is a shame because I think that despite it being early for a re-boot the fresh change is quite nice. In the end it's their loss and our gain. It's better that we like it because obviously the more stuff you like the better because you have more to enjoy in life.
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There is nothing fresh about taking a 60fps franchise and rebooting it to a 30fps franchise.

That aint hating, trolling or moaning it's just the plain old truth.

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There is nothing fresh about taking a 60fps franchise and rebooting it to a 30fps franchise.


That aint hating, trolling or moaning it's just the plain old truth.


well said and besides every DMC to date added mechanics and improved the combat

where DmC only new features are being able to jump cancel anything, a broken DT and broken Stylishmeter pretty weak imo        and overall speed of the game is too slow.. 

I like the art design but everything else sucks imo

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This game is good but ther is one problem with it THE NAME,

Im a Devil May Cry fan sense the very first game and believe me whin I say that this game is good but when capcom named the game DMC they ruined this game because the gamers will have to compere this game with the original Devil May Cry and if you do that you will see that this game is rubbish [maybe capcom knew that this game is rubbish but want to sale it and a good way to do that is to put a fames game name on it and every one will buy it],

And when you play this game it looks like your playing Darkness or Ashuras wrath but when you play the old games it feels like F Final Fantasy [I dont know how to explain this but Final Fantasy drawings feel real but for darkness it feels like it came from some comic books if you know what I mean],

All in All for non Devil May Cry fan this game is good but for those who is just like me this game will feel like sh*t especially when they named this emo kid Dante and that prick Virgil,

And her is a suggestion for capcom change this game name and the characters to some thing else like AMC Angel May Cry if they want to put Angels in this game so bad and name fake Dante Trace and fake Virgil Travis and while you at it name the game T&TMC Trace & Travis May Cry {and they will}.