Kind of disappointed in Vergil's Downfall.

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Don't get me wrong, playing as Vergil was awesome, and I hope Capcom someday makes a game about him, but it was too short. They stated that it would be around 5 hours. I completed in two, and it's only six missions long. I complete a mission in 3 minutes and get a C ranking. I don't know where Capcom got this 5 hour thing from, but it was deffinately too short. Anyone else feel this way?

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Agree. Vergil deserved a large expansion or something. Not a short DLC
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I dont like vergil ending turning into villian i hope they retain vergil good personality but. . . . .. .
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Yes, I was truly disappointed. I loved the gameplay and controlling Vergil is a pretty refreshing experience...but it was super short. Besides, I hate the story. Vergil has Kratos slapped all over him. Confused and power-maniac, Vergil managed to lose both his coolness from the prev games as well as his human side from the core game. The cutscenes look rushed like s***. Bottomline, NOT worth the price.