I can't beat my first dreamrunner! Why?

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I am playing the PC version and am in the Order mission I think, I know this is my very first dreamrunner battle. Anyway I attack this guy till my hand starts hurting and yet he still doesn't go down! I land like maybe 70% of my hits on this guy and yet he won't die. I use all my weapons, plus demon and angel pull but he still keeps on grinning at me. And if this is important yes I am using the trainer but that's only because I am not use to playing such a game on my PC and I want to beat the game first then I shall try it with out the trainer. Yeah I know that is weird but whatever. Please someone tell me why I can't beat the Dreamrunner!

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The first Dreamrunner you encounter will not die, you beat him exhausted, he'll disapper. It's probably because your trainer is messing with this scripted event, try disabling it. Otherwise, the only method i know is dodging their portal teleport attack they'll be vulnerable for a short time after executing it, then attack. Rinse and repeat.

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Thank you so much JavaTheDog. You were right it was the trainer I was using. Once I took off the one hit kill I had him running away with in a minute. So thank you so very much. I will make sure to try playing without the trainer should I get into this problem ever again.