Guess The Review Score Game

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I call a 7

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nah all the media is hyping it like the second coming of jesus

i say 8,5-10

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I say GS gives it an 7.5-8.5

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it honestly deserves a 4 and  or 3.5 to be more realistic.

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i agree

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This will easily get at least a 8 out of 10. I'm not trying to jump the gun as they say but because of how new/fresh the game feels combined with the cool looking atmosphere I believe it will score very well. The main thing being how different it is than other games being released right now and I think gamers are starting to get that itch for something different instead of the mainstream cr*p thats coming out right now.

I'm a huge fan of the DMC series and the original is still my favorite but I like to keep a positive attitude and I also understand things have to change at some point it cant always be the same other wise at least for me it gets stale.

So here's to a hopefully awesome epic game that will be DMC: Devil May Cry !!!!

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A 3 from a Devil May Cry fan

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This game is good but ther is one problem with it THE NAME,

Im a Devil May Cry fan sense the very first game and believe me whin I say that this game is good but when capcom named the game DMC they ruined this game because the gamers will have to compere this game with the original Devil May Cry and if you do that you will see that this game is rubbish [maybe capcom knew that this game is rubbish but want to sale it and a good way to do that is to put a fames game name on it and every one will buy it],

And when you play this game it looks like your playing Darkness or Ashuras wrath but when you play the old games it feels like F Final Fantasy [I dont know how to explain this but Final Fantasy drawings feel real but for darkness it feels like it came from some comic books if you know what I mean],

All in All for non Devil May Cry fan this game is good but for those who is just like me this game will feel like sh*t especially when they named this emo kid Dante and that prick Virgil,

And her is a suggestion for capcom change this game name and the characters to some thing else like AMC Angel May Cry if they want to put Angels in this game so bad and name fake Dante Trace and fake Virgil Travis and while you at it name the game T&TMC Trace & Travis May Cry {and they will}.

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"A 3 from a Devil May Cry fan" "This game is good but ther is one problem with it THE NAME" you really are a colossal moron aren't you? oh, and we get to see that in every single topic on the front page apparently. you really know how to get people to take you seriously.
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I don't really give a damn about the name, and I like both Dantes, so I'm hoping it'll land somewhere in the 8-10 range, a 7 at worst (my own personal rating; I don't much care what Gamespot rates it, so long as they're honest). 

I think it's really petty for so many "fanboys" wanting this game to fail. Why wouldn't you want more good games?

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More people like this one because it's easy mode.  I'll pass and stick to the old ones hahaha.

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nah all the media is hyping it like the second coming of jesus

i say 8,5-10

Anything "alternative" is better left untouched so they praise it fearing that they may alienate some smaller group of people.
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what do you mean by "alternative"?