DmC PC Controls

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I kid you not, I actually found the keyboard controls better than my dualshock gamepad. Not on the default key-binding, of course, but it was simply impossible to configure a 12 button gamepad to work properly with the game, while the mouse+keyboard combo can be configured to work seamlessly. Not to mention, without dedicated targeting, the keyboard controls are less frustrating since you don't have to juggle between the camera controls and the attack buttons, as the mouse does both. It just feels more fluid I guess. All of this kind of shocked me, as I could never imagine playing a DMC game without my gamepad... Go figure. What's your take?
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I have a problem regarding the PC controls: it says that the Devil Trigger is activated by pressing C+Z , but i can't seem to make it work. What may be the problem?
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My best bet is that you have a qwertz keyboard and the game actually wants you to press C+Y. Change your key-bindings. Also, it's kind of a no-brainer, but you should also make sure that you CAN use it (aka. you have already unlocked the Devil Trigger and have enough power to use it).
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No, my keyboard is qwerty. And I also changed the keys to M+N. Still no Devil Trigger... And of course I can access Devil Trigger - i'm at mission 17.
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I just got to that part of the game myself. I have qwertz keyboard, and I did have to press C+Z even though the screen-prompt was asking for C+Y. All I can say is that you should experiment with other key-bindings. Also, consider that you have to press the two buttons at the exact same time and keep them pressed for a half-second before it triggers. Maybe your timing is a little bit off and the game is just picky about it...
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pree the 2 button in the same time but be sure u have enough triiger power or whatever it called

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about the keyboard ... i think controller is much easier .. i tried the keyboard myself and it was kind of hard to do diff moves

with the keyboard u stuck in 10 moves eventhough the game have over 50 or less i think

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can anyone help me? i can´t change the controls from keyboard/mouse to gamepad... i am using win 7 in a macbook pro using bootcamp, therefore the page up / page down key is fn arrow key. but although i hear the sound of changing, nothing happens. my gamepad is a logitech precision gamepad. ideias anyone?
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I just used my 360 controller. I had my work out with my fingers by switching weapons and doing combos, I just can't imagine doing that with a keyboard. Although one problem I have to say is when activating Devil Trigger, it's a bit tricky clicking both thumbstick to work.
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how can set gamepad on control. in options only keyboard settings a available. help buddy