any Demo impressions?

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The demo is out on xbla today; anyone out there play it yet and what are your thoughts?

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as much as i hated the game already, i decided to download it on ps3 either way, and give it a shot to see if it was any different from the previous demo that i had played. and in all  honestly, i finished it feeling even more dissapoint by it. really hate the control scheme, feel very archaic to have to hold down R2 or L2 to use different weapons, when it would just be much easier to switch between them like dmc3&4 since that is much more streamlined. the fact that both L1 and R1 do the same exact thing is complety idiotic to me, especially when they force you to use R3+L3 to DT. the combat is far too slow, and all those little cinematic instances during battle just detract from the flow of the game. the lack of a proper lockon hurts even more since there is little to no control over who it will lock onto. the camera is a mess and lags too much after doing an angel pull to some ledge. the fact that you cant just hold the charge on ebony and ivory and release it when you want, not when the game feels like releasing it sucks even more. just overall, an even bigger dissapointment that i already thought it was. i consider my self up there with teh hardcore crowed when it comes to the previous dmc games, especially dmc4, and here i just found far too many limitations on the flow and overall combat of the game. the thing that is neat, is just the environment shifts and taht is basically it. the HUD still has no real flare or style, and the stylish metter is far to easy to get to S and SSS. just spamming the same move over and over will do the trick which is a real shame. overall its just a mesh with the control scheme, and the Ai has no clue what it is doing.

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@MajahretDiviera So I guess that's a thumb's down from you. To be honest, I'm not a big hack and slash fan and the original DmC series never appealed to me. I am a fan of Ninja Theory though so I thought I'd give this a go. It's different and after fighting with the control scheme I settled in and enjoyed the game for the atmosphere mostly(not much else to glean from a small demo). As I said, I'm not the best judge of the hack n slash genre but from what I've seen and based on Ninja Theory's catalogue I might end up playing this at launch. My apologies to all the original DmC series fans as I am not basing my interest on the series brand but what this particular version seems to be offering.

In other words: I enjoyed my time with the demo but am not looking to start a comparison war . . .

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as a long time DMC player it was too easy even on SOS omg its the every noobs wet dream of a dmc game

also framerate doesnt look very hot on ps3..

stinger double motion forward? uhm.. just no

no lock on pissed me off too

if you are new to dmc you will enjoy it but for me it was really dissapointing

i even spoke with tameem on twitter about it and the only response he could come up with was to insult me ..

what a pathetic guy really.

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i used to really be on board with NT back when heavenly sword came out, the character the world, and their cinematics were really good and high quality. Plus they did a good job at showing the emotion in the character, and especially with the king, he was such a great character, had great poise, but overall you were meant to hate him, which they did accomplis. However, when enslaved came out, i didnt think much nor felt invested into the story, especially when the gameplay and platforming were not on par with what was out at that time. had they just done pure cutscenes and have it be a show and tell instead of a game, then i might have enjoyed it. But those issues with the combat that they had with both heavenly sword and enslaved are what initially had me thinking otherwise about them being chosen to do the reboot. and imho i really dont think dmc needed a reboot, just better direction as to where the story was really going, and the main issue with dmc4 was just the fact that we basically replayed through the entire game with each character. no one ever really mentioned that the gameplay was bad or anything, because much like eery other dmc game before it, the gameplay really improves after each installment. hence why i have issues with this reboot. that fact, is no where to be scene. the gameplay instead took a few steps back. there is no style system, you can switch between weapons, and its rediculous to have to hold a button to use a separate weapon, when they could have easily made it cylce like both dmc3&4. plus there was no innovation with the devil trigger. like im sure i have mentioned already, the whole white hair, red coat for DT is pretty BS. just a sad attempt to appease the backlash that they got. given that they felt like making dante be half angel/demon instead of just human/demon they could have really done some interesting things for that devil trigger, or had just done two, and play off of that and make and angel trigger and a devil trigger. even though im not a fan of them adding in angels into the mix, because it is just their cop out of going the cliche route of going good vs evil, and haveing that be a black and white affair, and having their dante be a grey sine he shares both traits, but overall they failed in that respect. the big thing about the real dante being human/demon was that there was more subtlety and more of a purpose as to why dante would fight against demons, especially when his twin brother Vergil fully embraced his demon side, and cared only to get more power, a power closer to their father Sparda. another manjor downfall for this reboot is the dialogue, i dotn see the NT that did great dialogue in heavenly sword nor enslaved, i just see some really sad attempts to try to make this dante be edgy by cursing, drinking, and smoking and trying to make him cool by those things, instead of transcending all that, like the initial vision was for dante from its creator. he was mean to be cool, by not doing such things, and copping out all together in that respect. along this point, for a developer that is tyring to infuse this whole notion of corporations are evil, they sure do have a funny way of trying to express that, while condoning drinking, swearing, and smoking. they are too much at odds, and it doesnt really work. Not to mention, how they turned Mundus into a king pin clone, which again, just does not work. and lastly, their little F bomb competition, is again just forced and only there to be more edgy and try to be cool. These are but some of the major issues is hare with the game as a whole, and why i will most definitely not bother to play it nor even buy it, be it new nor used nor will i even borrow it from friends. im just not going to play it at all, because it has all been a big dissapointed on how many of their new features are just shallowed in, instead of really running with them and making something better with it.

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I tried the demo and it comes with many ups and downs. It didn't quite live up to my expectations but it will still be a worthy title. As a person who never found any appeal to DMC games, I can say I was pretty satisfied with what we got here. The control scheme works for 3/4 of the time and then you got other commands which are just too much for nothing. The colors look like **** put through a blender and doesn't look like you see it in the previews. Then you got some sort of bloom filter or just fog, but anyways it helps the **** stain colouring look worst. Those are the two things I have to say bad about this demo. The rest was pretty much awesome and the fast and flashy combat style will surely make you forget these things soon after you start playing. Overall I give the demo a 7/10.
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I've played it. It feels like running into an old friend that you haven't seen in ages.

It feels like DMC3 and 4. But more accessible while still having a lot of depth. The controls are similar and the Angel and Demon weapons add a new layer of depth in the gameplay. Not to mention, that the launching attacks are assigned to one button. I felt right at home. I was able to get S and double S combos. Dante is still the snarky, charismatic, thrill-seeking demon slayer we grew up with

Many fans have written this off before they even had a chance to play it. Initially, I was like "What have they done?" but as time went on, it felt more and more like Devil May Cry. I wasn't on either side of the fence when it was introduced. I thought "Hmmm...It's not developed in-house for once, Let's see what Ninja Theory can do with this." 

Now that I've played it. It feels like a true successor to the series. Despite being a reboot.

As long as the rest of the game holds up. I'll be very happy. 

These so-called fans will have nothing to complain about. I hope it does well. I'm still gonna approach it with caution until January. 

There's a lesson to be learned with DmC. I'll leave it at this:

One Does Not Simply


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I knew exactly what game to expect. Of course it's different from the previous installments, i knew that from the very first trailer, and it is nowhere near the original DmC which is such a classic for me and can't be beaten by DmC 3 or 4. Still the new art design is pretty good and i had fun with the demo...and wanted more by the end of it.
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i haven´t play a dmc since the first many years back but still prefer the dmc of ps2 was more dinamic


mmm the game is quite easy. i only struggle whit the controls more that whit the enemys

but love the music and dialogue

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Why all the hate ? I completely agree with "M-Yu" on this one. The controls definitely felt different and took some getting use too but by my 3rd play through it started to become natural. I really like the new direction they are going, the story, dialogue and atmosphere are spot on for a DMC game. It felt new and fresh but still keeps the DMC feel. Dante actually looks better than I thought he would and he changes into the original looking Dante when you use the Demon Trigger. He's also still a "Smart @ss" (which I'm really happy they kept him that way).

So far I'm having a blast playing this and if the rest of the game holds up this could possibly be my favorite of the Devil May Cry games and I have played them all. My favorite game series next to God Of War.

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I was on the fence but after playing the demo I came up excited. People complaining about controls, well if any game changes a few buttons around you'll have to get used to it. After my 2nd playthrough the controls become very familiar but only 2 buttons changed which is how you access your other weapons. I don't know how someone thinking holding L2/R2 is harder than moving your finger to the directional pad, hitting the right weapon just to continue a combo, just to swap again etc..... People also screaming the game is mainstream and 2 easy. I don't recall any devil may cry ever being hard in the first place, especially when you compare the 1st boss and the tutorial level, OF COURSE ITS GOING TO BE EASY! You want a challenge go play Dark souls and Ninja Gaiden 2, even those games are easy after you figure out the basics and realize you only die from cheap A.I. tactics. The graphics and art design is awesome, nuff said. Sound and music is pretty good, although I had to turn subtitles on just to 100% understand what Dante and other characters were saying. The music is decent, it really depends on how you like your metal if at all, but it does pretty good at making certain scenes feel cool especially when you're doing some wicked combo (If you ever seen a good combo video, u might know what I am saying) Anyway the demo was fun, I played through it 3 times, once on hard and twice on Sparta. Anyone who complains like this game is bad needs to wakeup, DMC1 was ok, DMC2 was trash, DMC3 was amazing, DMC4 was trash on top of trash mixed with reused bosses and a forgettable everything so far going by this Demo I would rank this game between DMC3 and DMC1.
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it was fun.

weapon switch method was interesting.

I was kind of like "WTF! you followed me here from RE6?" when I encountered the chainsaw guy lol I was playing RE6 a few days before that.

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I have played it a few times and each time I find new keys and do new trials that I did not do the last time I played and I have played it on different difficulties. The fighting I like it is easy to get into and you don't feel like you are just doing the same thing over and over like in other dmc games. I have to say in devil mode I felt a little lost when every thing just went into the air. I didn't know what would be best using guns or try to do a air combo. I not to sure about have to hold down buttons for the angle weapons and demon weapons. It seems like a lot of button hold for a game. Hold L2 and x to air dash, hold L2 and square for the syth, hold R2 and square for the axe. It is a little much.

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Why all the hate ? I completely agree with "M-Yu" on this one. The controls definitely felt different and took some getting use too but by my 3rd play through it started to become natural. I really like the new direction they are going, the story, dialogue and atmosphere are spot on for a DMC game. It felt new and fresh but still keeps the DMC feel. Dante actually looks better than I thought he would and he changes into the original looking Dante when you use the Demon Trigger. He's also still a "Smart @ss" (which I'm really happy they kept him that way).

So far I'm having a blast playing this and if the rest of the game holds up this could possibly be my favorite of the Devil May Cry games and I have played them all. My favorite game series next to God Of War.


Thanks man. It's nice to know that i'm not alone. However, I hope the framerate would be tightened up in the final version. It dips slightly during cutscenes. It's fairly minor, to be honest.

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Seeing as how I haven't played the previous games in depth (I don't own them) I found the demo very enjoyable and I am considering buying it when it comes out. I loved the artistic design, the combat, and the amount of depth. The controls were a little... not American at first but I started to pick up on them and found that they are fairly deep once you master them. The boss battle was also a lot of fun and enjoyable. Kind of excited for it and I'm curious why there is so much hate. I guess if I were a long time fan it might be disappointing.

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Majahret, tl;dr

I'm a long time fan of DMC, and I saw DMC4 as stale and boring. Same with Dante's character. I only played those games for the combat and the sake of playing them. The cliche japanese badass and all of its corniness was never appealing to me. If I heard Dante say "Let's rock, baby" another time, I'd probably snap. (Also, DMC 4 Dante dance scene when he gets a weapon? LOL). After playing the demo, I've seen how the combat has the potential to be as complex as the other games. And if it isn't, it's a welcome trade-off for the new story and characters.

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As a fan of the series where DMC 1 was ok and DMC3 was the high point of the series. I like Ninja theroies reboot of the series. I find it fitting that Dante's black emoish hair fits him well with his sailor vocab and excessive mouth. The combat is definatly different and took some time to get use to but it felt good after playing around with it. I mean it's a demo so they didn't give me the classic good moves like stinger or the mcCrebe (Spelling is not my forte) dance. But some not all moves were mostly for show. Overall the art design is good and the combat has a lot of potential for being some of the deepest in the series. It was a buy for me after playing the demo.

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This game is good but ther is one problem with it THE NAME,

Im a Devil May Cry fan sense the very first game and believe me whin I say that this game is good but when capcom named the game DMC they ruined this game because the gamers will have to compere this game with the original Devil May Cry and if you do that you will see that this game is rubbish [maybe capcom knew that this game is rubbish but want to sale it and a good way to do that is to put a fames game name on it and every one will buy it],

And when you play this game it looks like your playing Darkness or Ashuras wrath but when you play the old games it feels like F Final Fantasy [I dont know how to explain this but Final Fantasy drawings feel real but for darkness it feels like it came from some comic books if you know what I mean],

All in All for non Devil May Cry fan this game is good but for those who is just like me this game will feel like sh*t especially when they named this emo kid Dante and that prick Virgil,

And her is a suggestion for capcom change this game name and the characters to some thing else like AMC Angel May Cry if they want to put Angels in this game so bad and name fake Dante Trace and fake Virgil Travis and while you at it name the game T&TMC Trace & Travis May Cry {and they will}.