The score, given by gamespot, it self was done by a none moto fan. Trust me, on that one.

I've always been a MotoGP Fan from a kid, So when game companpies
toke on making bike games, I was hooked.
and through the years, they have got, better and and better with the plus
of companys, like kick ass! Climax and Namco series of games.

Which were in my opinion, the best in the early years of the ps3 and XBOX
One for me.
But! Climax / THQ, then toke it, to that other level, and blow every one away with the later version, MotoGP 3/4.
Then the Xbox 360 came in the picture, and Climax gave us something
worthy of it's power, MotoGP 6, follewed by the classic 7.
the year after that, it broke my heart, to hear that Thq and Climax, parted
waves and end a great francies.

Since then, there has been nothing buy subtitute teachers, In the field of
the MotoGP francies, until this company by the name of Monumental/ Capcom, came and cleaned up the yard, with a game and also has got some of the Original team from legend team Climax back on the workfloor.

if you miss out on a game that give you not only a great riding game, outstanding handing, that if you know about bikes, you will know, that to take corners in real life MotoGP, you have to use your body weight to move the bike into position, and this game managed to impliment this method greatly to add more of the real feel to the sport, it's self.

this is done prefect in this game, and the animation is spot on.
And if you watch motoGP on the box, you know that it's visually great.

Like I said earlier, some one who can't play bike games, to tuff, is bound to say this is not that good.
Because maybe, He's looking to smash into a wall, but! this
is not Burnout! This is MotoGP at it's Finest.
P.s to Monumental, am a fan for life! Awesome game!!