DJ Max Portable 2 Cheats For PSP

  1. Unlockable Notes

    You begin the game with only the Basic Note, but there are many others to be unlocked, each with their own bonuses and "hit animation". And thanks to wepon1984 for helping me figure out what some of the unlock methods were and for compiling an easy to read spreadsheet.

    Code Effect
    Default Note 01. Basic Note
    Reach Level 3 02. Sweet Note
    Reach Level 17 03. Ice Flame Note
    Reach Level 27 04. MagicalPET Note
    Reach Level 35 05. Star Note
    Reach Level 43 06. Crystal Note
    Reach Level 50 07. Prestige NOte
    Clear "KIMYS' Laboratory" Mission, or play 900 songs (excluding missions) 08. Crystone Note
    Clear "-1" mission 09. Jewel Note
    Reach Level 67 10. FortunePocket Note
    Get a combo of 56000 in Freestyle, or reach Level 59 11. Music Note
    Clear a song on "March 14th" (PSP's Time), or play 2430 songs 12. Broken Heart Note
    Play 1290 songs (excluding missions) 13. Bomb Note
    Play 1440 songs (excluding missions) 14. Star Capsule Note
    Play 1650 songs (excluding missions) 15. Chick Note
    Win 20 Network Battles, or play 360 songs (excluding missions) 16. Young Bird Note
    Get a combo of 90000 in Freestyle, or play 1800 songs (excluding missions) 17. Rice Ball Note
    Play 2610 songs (excluding missions) 18. BlackSteel Note
    Reach Level 97, or play 2610 songs (excluding missions) 19. Meteor Note
    Clear "Enter the Pentavision" mission, or play 2370 songs (excluding missions) 20. Aqua Note

    Contributed by: hardcore rpg gamer 

  2. Unlockable Gears/Skins

    You begin the game with the Basic Gear, but there are many more to unlock, each with their own bonuses and stylish looks. And thanks to wepon1984 for helping me figure out what some of the unlock methods were and for compiling an easy to read spreadsheet.

    Code Effect
    Default Gear 01. Basic Gear
    Play 4 Songs (excluding missions) 02. Green Miles Gear
    Reach Level 13 03. Twin Death Gear
    Reach Level 23 04. PG-Black Gear
    Reach Level 31 05. PGP Gear
    Reach Level 39 06. Hello Pinky Gear
    Clear "Reverse Track" mission, or play 1110 songs (excluding missons) 07. SummerTime Gear
    Win 30 Network Battles, or play 960 songs (excluding missions) 08. Santa Gear
    Get a combo of 30000 in Freestyle, or play 300 songs (excluding missions) 09. NB RANGER Gear
    Clear "Score Attack" Mission 10. Golden Gear
    Clear "Mental Storm" Mission, or play 840 songs (excluding missions) 11. Mystic Forest
    Get a combo of 69000 in Freestyle, or play 1530 songs (excluding missions) 12. Winterstar Gear
    Reach Level 47 13. Ruby Spinel Gear
    Reach Level 53 14. Aqua Spinel Gear
    Reach Level 63 15. Puppy Gear
    Win 50 Network Battles, or play 1590 songs (excluding missions) 16. Method Gear
    Get a combo of 99999 in Freestyle, or play 2580 songs (excluding missions) 17. White Gear
    Get a combo of 85000 in Freestyle, or play 2580 songs (excluding missions) 18. Neonsign Gear
    Clear "HeLLord" Mission, or play 2340 songs (excluding missions) 19. Portable Gear
    Reach Level 99 20. Alien Gear

    Contributed by: hardcore rpg gamer 

  3. Play ''Your Own Miracle'' Bonus Stage (Staff/Credits)

    To play "Your Own Miracle" as your 5th stage in "#K Mode", clear all songs with an average of 96% or higher. This is the only way to play this song outside of some Xtreme Challenge missions, as this song cannot be unlocked. Also, this song counts toward your Album Collection (how many times played and high score).

    Also, in 4K mode only, this song has a "Hard Style". You may get this instead of "Normal Style", but I'm not certain as to how except for maybe a higher hit % above 96%. This will also add another entry to your Album Collection.

    Contributed by: hardcore rpg gamer 

  4. Unlockable Songs

    There are several unlockable songs in the game, with various conditions on how to unlock them. Here's how to get them all! And thanks to wepon1984 for helping me figure out what some of the unlock methods were and for compiling an easy to read spreadsheet.

    Code Effect
    Get a combo of 4000 or above in FreeStyle Another Day
    Get a combo of 7800 or above in FreeStyle Cherokee
    Clear "Soul's Melody" missoin Brave it Out
    Win 10 Network battles, or play 520 songs (excluding missions) Fentanest
    Reach Level 45 Memoirs
    Reach Level 70 Minus 3
    Reach Level 55 NB RANGERS: Returns
    Reach Level 82 NB POWER
    Reach Level 10 Negative Nature
    Clear "Bloody MANIcure" mission, or play 1860 songs (excluding missions) Nightmare
    Clear "Missing You" mission Plastic Method
    Clear 40 songs in Link Disc mode, or play 2730 songs (excluding missions) Rolling on the Duck
    Collect 17 different discs, or play 390 songs (excluding missions) Syriana
    Collect all 22 discs, or play 670 songs (excluding missions) WhiteBlue
    Clear "Rock or Die" mission Starfish

    Contributed by: hardcore rpg gamer 

  5. Unlockable Media

    There are some Media to unlock (6 in all), and they are just videos, some that you wouldn't see otherwise, though there are repeats like the credits and the Opening. And thanks to wepon1984 for helping me figure out what some of the unlock methods were and for compiling an easy to read spreadsheet

    Code Effect
    Reach Level 22 DJMAX Portable 2 ~Opening Movie~
    Play 1470 songs (excluding missions) Outlaw & Syriana Chronicle ~Director's EDITION~
    Reach Level 15 Get on Top ~No Cut Version~
    Reach Level 60 NB Rangers : Returns ~Dance Edition~
    Get a combo of 14000, or play 750 songs (excluding missions) Sound Storm ~Pentavision Sound Team VJ Edition~
    Reach Level 90 DJ Max Portable 2 ~Credits~

    Contributed by: hardcore rpg gamer 

  6. Unlockable Avatars

    There are many avatars, but you begin the game with just the Basic Character and must earn the rest. Any conditions that say "play # songs" excludes songs played in missions. Each avatar has their own unique appearance and bonues? Which one represents you?

    Code Effect
    Default Avatar 01. Basic Character
    Clear "First Step" mission 02. Nare (Right Now)
    Clear "Day Dream" mission 03. Moki (Lost'n Found)
    Clear "Lovexteme" mission 04. Laira (Bye Bye Love)
    Clear "The Robots" mission 05. Hwan (Get on Top)
    Clear "Sweetcute" mission 06. Ami (Stay With Me)
    Clear "Funkfest" mission 07. Root (Syriana)
    Clear "Fever Time" mission 08. Stella (Mess it Up)
    Clear "Breaking the Law" mission 09. Musiro (Yo Creo Que Si)
    Clear "Rock'n Night" mission 10. Katharine (Starfish)
    Clear "Natural Life" mission 11. Namoo (Negative Nature)
    Clear "Deadly Poison" mission, or play 2272 songs 13. Angela (Divine Service)
    Clear "Deep Mist" mission, or play 2274 songs 14. Mimi (Yellowberry ~AJ MIx~)
    Clear "Emotion Pulse" mission, or play 2276 songs 15. Ban (Divine Service)
    Clear "Lite House" mission, or play 2284 songs 16. Remy (Sunset Rider)
    Clear "Rave 2 Wave" mission, or play 2284 song, or win 5 Network Battles 17. Seha (Ladymade Star)
    Clear "Return of the Dragon" mission, or play 2288 songs 18. NB Ranger (Any NB Ranger Songs)
    Clear "Russian Roulette" mission, or play 2292 songs 19. Lion (Brave it Out)
    Clear "Penalty Area" mission, or play 2296 songs 20. Amiel (Fallen Angel)
    Clear "Boutique Rules" mission, or play 2304 songs 22. TE-1116 (Negative Nature)
    Clear "Friday Nightmare" mission, or play 2308 songs 23. Deen (Nightmare)
    Clear "Femme Fatale" mission, or play 2312 songs 24. Zina (Stalker)
    Clear "NieNova" mission, or play 2316 songs 25. Pinky (Hello Pinky)
    Clear "Style Misture" mission, or play 2320 songs 26. Preiya (OblivioN)
    Clear "Panaxism" mission, or play 2320 songs 27. Pino (My Alias)
    Clear "Black & White" mission, or play 2328 songs 28. Jeremi (Outlaw)
    Clear "Animal Crew" mission, or play 2332 songs 29. Teakwonburi (Taekwonburi)
    Clear "TARIta" mission, or play 2336 songs 30. Agness (Fentanest)
    Clear "Ruby 2uesday" mission, or play 2530 songs 31. El (DMP2 Band Vocals)
    Clear "Planetboom Track" mission, or play 2560 songs 34. Rita (Brandnew Days)
    Clear "Makou Syndrome" mission, or play 2570 songs 35. Ninja Quaidan (Rocka-a-doodle-doo)
    Clear "FE FActory" mission, or play 2625 songs 36. Erusi (Another Day)
    Clear "M2U'S Tranceform" mission, or play 2660 songs 38. Jisu (Midnight Blood)
    Clear "Global Sensation" mission, or play 2670 songs 39. Mob (Lost'n Found)
    Clear "Head Spin" mission, or play 2680 songs 40. Dr. Hechi (My Alias)
    Clear "Electronic License" mission, or play 2690 songs 41. Edith (DMP2 Band Guitar)
    Clear "CRooFE" mission, or play 2710 songs 42. Eruki (Another Day)
    Clear "ND Lee" mission, or play 2720 songs 43. Junghye (Seoliem)
    Clear "NB VS Envy" mission, or play 2750 songs 44. NB Mask (NB POWER)
    Clear "She is Miya" mission, or play 2770 songs 45. Melody (DMP2 Band Keyboard)
    Clear "Just 1%" mission, or play 2790 songs 46. Sadori (Showtime)
    Clear "Brain Survival" mission, or play 2810 songs 47. Dr. Storm (Brain Storm)
    Play 18 songs in Link Disc 48. L (DMP1 Band Vocals)
    Play 1 song in Link Disc 49. Ari (DMP1 Band Keyboard Player)
    Play 4 songs in Link Disc 50. Lena (DMP1 Band Guitarist)
    Clear "Memory of the Past" mission, or play 2300 songs 21. Hully (Blythe?)
    Clear "Ache's Visual Lab" mission, or play 2540 songs 32. Minseo (DMP2 Band Guitarist)
    Clear "Croove's Clover" mission, or play 2550 songs 33. Mars (Minus 3)
    Clear "Beat Generation" mission, or play 2650 songs 37. Beki (Get Out)
    Clear "Angelic Eyes" mission 12. Kaya (Nightmare)

    Contributed by: hardcore rpg gamer 

  7. Unlockable OSTs (Original Soundtracks) in OST mode. (OST1)

    You didn't think the OSTs you started with were all you got, did you? Of course not! Not only did they add more unlockable OSTs for DMP2 itself, but they decided to include the entire OST from DMP1's OST mode (minus the "Additional" OST Disc).

    I will point out that the song "River Flow" (DMP1 International version) which replaced "Dreadnought", will be treated as Dreadnought as far as unlocks go (OST and Album). There is no unlockable River Flow OST :(

    Code Effect
    Clear (Song Name) in Link Disc DMP1 OST for (Song Name)
    Clear Fever GJ in Link Disc (Original Ver. of DMP only) L Disc 13. Fever GJ
    Clear 30 songs in Link Disc L Disc 26. Ask the Wind (Live Mix)
    Clear 70 songs in Link Disc L Disc 27. Outlaw (Funky Jam Live Mix)
    Clear 50 songs in Link Disc L Disc 28. Elastic STAR (UK Garage Mix)
    Clear 60 songs in Link Disc L Disc 29. Ask the Wind (Japanese Version)
    Clear 80 songs in Link Disc R Disc 28. Yo! Max!

    Contributed by: hardcore rpg gamer 

  8. Unlockable OSTs (Original Soundtracks) in OST mode. (OST2/Extend/Air Trax)

    Here's how to unlock all the OSTs for the DMP2 part of the OST!

    OST2 is for the songs that you play in DMP2 obviously.
    Extend is part extended versions of the songs and part "bonus" or extra stuff.
    Air Trax has OSTs from songs that are only currently available in the Online version of DJMAX.

    When I say Clear ## songs, that means songs in DMP2. Link Disc, Missions, and Network Battles do NOT count towards this number.

    When I say get a combo of ##, that applies to Freestyle only.

    And you may ignore the numbers at the beginning of the unlock name. I did that so they would appear in the order I wanted them to.

    Code Effect
    Reach Level 40 1. L Disc 05. Syriana
    Reach Level 56 1. L Disc 09. NB Rangers: Returns
    Reach Level 14 1. L Disc 10. Another Day
    Clear 990 Songs 1. L Disc 13. WhiteBlue
    Reach Level 88 1. L Disc 18. Nightmare
    Reach Level 16 1. L Disc 22. Fentanest
    Reach Level 72 1. R Disc 06. Minus 3
    Reach Level 80 1. R Disc 15. NB Power
    Clear 1080 songs 1. R Disc 22. plastic method
    Reach Level 5 2. Extend 01. Seoleim (Extended Version)
    Reach Level 11 2. Extend 02. sO mUCH iN LUV (Extended Korean Version)
    Clear mission 68. Shinin' finGer, or clear 2700 songs 2. Extend 03. GET OUT (Extended Version)
    Get a combo of 5500 2. Extend 04. Stay With Me (Extended Version)
    Reach Level 61 2. Extend 05. Memoirs (Extended Version)
    Get a combo of 8400 2. Extend 06. Showtime (Extended Verison)
    Clear 1140 songs 2. Extend 07. STALKER (Extended Version)
    Clear mission 9. Judgement 2. Extend 08. Good Bye (Extended Version)
    Clear mission 18. Glitch Gear, or clear 600 songs 2. Extend 09. Seoleim (Congregation Version)
    Clear 1170 songs 2. Extend 10. SQUEEZE (Japanese Version)
    Get 15 Wins in Network Battle, or clear 1350 songs 2. Extend 11. Memoirs (Shamisen Version)
    Clear mission 27. No Doubt, or clear 1560 songs 2. Extend 12. STALKER (Extended Korean Version)
    Clear mission 42. Oneday Cycle, OR clear 2280 songs 3. Air Trax 01. Can We Talk (Broken Dog Leg Mix)
    Clear mission 46. Critical Period, OR clear 2460 songs 3. Air Trax 02. Aurora Borealis
    Clear mission 51. Highway Star, OR clear 2520 songs 3. Air Trax 03. Again Sunshine
    Get a combo of 44000, OR clear 1380 songs 3. Air Trax 04. Feel
    Reach Level 57 3. Air Trax 05. Grid System
    Reach Level 65 3. Air Trax 06. Cosmic Elevator
    Get a combo of 77777, OR clear 1770 songs 3. Air Trax 07. Real Overdrive
    Clear 2160 songs 3. Air Trax 08. 1st Sync
    Clear 2200 songs 3. Air Trax 09. Living on the Beat
    Clear 2400 songs 3. Air Trax 10. Too Fast
    Clear 2040 songs 3. Air Trax 11. Hypersonic
    Clear 1950 songs 3. Air Trax 12. Yellowberry
    Clear 2070 songs 3. Air Trax 13. Tammuz
    Reach Level 92 3. Air Trax 14. Dancin' Planet
    Reach Level 95 3. Air Trax 15. One Sided Love
    Reach Level 96 3. Air Trax 16. Knowledge System
    Reach Level 98 3. Air Trax 17. Weird Pistol
    Clear 2640 songs 3. Air Trax 18. Space of Soul
    Reach Level 51 2. Extend 13. Network (Mode)
    Clear 810 songs 2. Extend 14. Collection (Mode)
    Clear 930 songs 2. Extend 15. Profile (Mode)
    Reach Level 18 2. Extend 16. Xtreme 1 (Mode)
    Reach Level 33 2. Extend 17. Xtreme 2 (Mode)
    Reach Level 41 2. Extend 18. Xtreme 3 (Mode)
    Reach Level 62 2. Extend 19. Xtreme 4 (Mode)
    Reach Level 93 2. Extend 20. Xtreme 5 (Mode)
    Clear 1050 songs 2. Extend 21. Result Stage (Mode)
    Clear 1200 songs 2. Extend 22. Result Total (Mode)
    Collect 10 different Discs 2. Extend 23. U Got a Message (Unused)
    Clear 1260 songs 2. Extend 24. Netslave (Unused)

    Contributed by: hardcore rpg gamer 

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