DJ Hero, like Guitar Hero is an Activision music based game but will it do as well as Guitar Hero? Find out.

User Rating: 7.5 | DJ Hero PS3
Ah Activision make Guitar Hero's for about 9-10 years and then change it eh? Guitar Hero has had so many games and I guess Activision realized this. With it comes DJ Hero which is surprisingly good.

Presentation-The graphics in this game is okay but Activision did a horrible job when it came to character models. Now if this was Activision's first music-based game it would be forgivable but with about 12 Guitar Heros they should know better than making the character models so...crappy. All in all to say its okay with the presentation

Gameplay- DJ hero, like Guitar Hero is a game that you have a musical instrument and play with it. Now this wouldn't be so bad if it didn't take you a half an hour to figure out how to play the DJ as its nothing like Guitar Hero. This is also more of a single-player experience then a multiplayer experience and besides having a friend hook up a guitar and playing the game with you its really not worth 120 dollars for an experience that will probably get boring with-in 3-4 weeks. It has a good song collection but like I said without much on an multiplayer experience its not worth it.

Conclusion-Activision surprised me with a surprisingly good game but still has some work to do on it. DJ hero gets a 7.5/10