It may look great, but it plays like a brick.

User Rating: 5.5 | Disney's Aladdin GG
Aladdin for the Game Gear was a great idea, but sadly the execution was a bit lacking. You start out in Agrabah, and Aladdin is running to the right being chased by a guard. All you have to do is jump over things like barrels, pits, and more barrels. It is kind of like Back to the Future for the NES, but a little better done. After you successfully outwit the guard, you are shown a cinematic of Aladdin and Jasmine from the movie, rendered in GG graphics. It looks pretty impressive for being on a Game Gear. The next thing you do is run from more guards with Jasmine in tow. It's not that hard, and if you keep jumping over everything you can get past easily.
Next you are shown an unusually long cinematic from the movie which shows Aladdin being captured, Jasmine going to inquire about Aladdin from Jafar, Jafar telling Jasmine that Aladdin is dead, Aladdin in prison, and the old man telling him he needs him and bringing him to the cave. Damn, was I playing a game, or watching a movie? It is quite ridiculous. You can tell that different teams developed the different levels, as this level is actually a platformer. You are in the cave trying to find the lamp. Unfortunately, whoever programmed the fluent controls in the first levels was not present this time around, because the controls are awful. You walk like a gangster wannabe and when you jump you crouch down first. It is very hard to play this level, and after a few screens, you come to a part that I can't seem to get past. You are supposed to jump to a platform, but I can never make it.
The music in this game is quite good, and the cinematics are very well done. The only problem I have is that this is a game, not an interactive movie…it would have been nice to have more game play, and maybe some fluent controls. This is a Disney game, so I guess they were just doing what they knew best, animation.
I wouldn't say the game is terrible, but I wouldn't suggest it if you want to have a good time.