An ok NES plat former that runs on charm

User Rating: 5 | Disney's Aladdin NES
Aladdin for the NES is a average plat former. None of the game play is going to blow your mind but the disney factor may keep you playing. You take control of Aladdin naturally and maneuver your way through agrabah, the cave of wonders, and the palace. You don't have any weapons aside from apples which you have to collect to use.

Most of the games control is decent. Jumping can be tricky but once you have the hang of it it's easy enough. However grabbing ledges is tough. If you miss a ledge or over jump it by a bit you will fall to your death.

The game also features a side scrolling carpet ride with Jasmin where you dodge obstacles and collect gems which is an ok break between levels.

Graphics are actually quite nice. For an NES game it looks almost identical to it's SNES counterpart.

Considering the game can be beat in maybe an hour or two you should give it a shot. The password system also makes it easier to beat.