Haven't played it much to be honest, but it's a cross between a good idea and a disappointment.

User Rating: 5.5 | Disney Tangled: The Video Game WII
First of all, the version that I'll be reviewing will be for the PC; Gamespot doesn't have an entry for that version at the time of this writing, but since they seem to be similar I'll assume that this applies to both platforms.

I haven't beaten the game yet, to be honest, but so far, it just doesn't take the cake and do epic justice to the film it was supposed to tie in. You control Rapunzel and Flynn using the oh-so-popular first-person shooter control scheme (the WASD keys, that is), although the camera isn't set up along the lines of a traditional or Gears of War-esque third person viewpoint. While this is of some advantage to players who are accustomed to the keys+mouse scheme, as you can use both controllers without resorting to some funky hand gesture, the camera seems a little clunky and might need some improvement - sure, mouselook isn't something that a little girl like Sally is used to, but still maybe we could take care of those hard-to-see or hard-to-reach areas with a little TLC. This isn't Resident Evil, guys.

As for the graphics, it's pretty much meh. A dude who posted a video of him playing the game told me that he ran it on a Pentium IV and a GeForce FX. Which is something typical of a six-year old computer. Sure, this is a tie-in, and most kids have weaker systems than gamers who play GTA IV, but I guess it'll be better if the engine was flexible and scalable enough. They can use normal maps and all that jazzy stuff that they want for the ultimate Pixar look, assuming that one of them little princesses are lucky enough to have a mid or high-end PC, yet they can allow players to tone them down if needed, something that Unreal Engine 3 can do.

Gameplay's typical for a children's game, where you roam around some place, collect items, and beat some quirky-looking dudes along the way. While there aren't any show-stopping or fatal bugs that keep you from finishing it, it seems as though it suffers the same facepalm rate as the PC port of Bully, as there are occasional glitches and unpolished parts in the game that are in dire need of attention, assuming that they would write a title update.

To some things up, it was a bit good, it's just that most of these Disney and film tie-ins are made primarily for profit and leave the worthiness aspect as a second consideration. I'd give my little cousin a shot at this, but I'd rather see her play outside with her friends or let her do a lap or two in NFS.