great game, graphics could be improved though.

The graphics. not so great. It would be so much better if they made the players look like they do in real life.
it makes it so much more interesting. and they barely call them Crosby, or Bergeron or Lidstrom etc, it would be so much more interesting if they called them by name instead of position ect. also when a player scores they wait 5seconds before celebrating,

overall it is a great game that i would recommend. its always a battle between 2k and EA. but on this one 2k won with game play, lost with graphics.

I've read a lot of reviews saying they had great graphics. the graphics are really good if your talking about the arenas ect. but the players could be improved a lot.

i would defiantly recommend it. so what are you waiting for? go buy it!

(also seen in the "bargain bin"