This game looks dumb but I thought it was kinda fun.

User Rating: 8.8 | A Bug's Life N64
I thought this game was fun. Just like in the movie the grasshoppers are bothering the ants. You use Flik, one of the ants. He has to go find bugs to help them out. You have to beat levels but reaching a certain spot or completing something. There arent a ton of levels but a good amount. In each level you can also try to collect every piece of grain, kill every enemy, and collect all of the letters in Flik's name-FLIK. You can go back and do these things after you beat the game if you want. Fliks weapons are berries. His main berry is the Red Berry that he always starts off with, it isnt that strong and it dosent hurt every enemy. The Blue berry is a little more powerful. The Green and Purple berries are pretty strong and follow an enemy when thrown until it hits them. The Gold Berry is very powerful, dosent follow an enemy, but permantly kills an enemy. This is the only way to do the kill every enemy thing. If you arent going to collect every piece of grain you should still get them sometimes because they heal some of your energy. Collecting FLIK gives you an extra life. There are some bosses that are a little challenging. Overall this is a fun game, try it.