Broken, Money pit and Misleading

User Rating: 10 | Disney Infinity X360
So Im starting to think ive made a mistake in purchasing this game for the Xbox.

I was under the impression that you can download other users custom Toy box Worlds.

So far, all I can see is an Option to Download toy boxes from Disney themselves!!!
As far as I know there are two ways to "share" your toy boxes online, 1, Share with friends who have bought the game (which none of mine have) or 2,
send your creation for moderation....... but they cant be serious? Every other game In this genre lets you post your creation to an online HUB and Disney really wants us to send off our creations that we worked hard on to them first, wait possibly months for it to "maybe" be released in the featured toy box's and that's only IF they like it. Oh and the 5 levels available at the moment are broken and unfinished and only serves to show you what you don't have, but can buy.

Toy box seems like something I would enjoy and is pretty much the reason I bought the game but once you finish building a toy box you know everything there is to know about it so there is no surprise and it would get boring real quick.

In other words, Couple this fact with the horrid "creation" Ie not being able to penetrate blocks and the worst, automatically adding "chests" to your own toy box showing you characters you don't own is complete BS, you cant delete them either so not only do you have a space you cant build on but its a very cheap way in advertising to buy more toys. Please upvote so people can see this before they buy