What could have been a graphical feast with decent gameplay is mired with poor controls and terrible camera system.

User Rating: 6 | Disney Epic Mickey WII
I've generally enjoyed most of the Disney 'Mickey' games from past videogame consoles, so the decision to classify this game as a 'must buy' was easy for me, especially considering the famed Warren Spector was behind the project.

This game isn't terrible, but purchasing the game out-right without mulling over reviews and player feedback beforehand is driving home the point, once again, that I should have looked before I leaped - the game was over-hyped and I let myself fall for the hype.

The graphics and breadth of Disney characters presented in the game are definatley the highlights of this Mickey game. However, the level designs, platforming aspects, and quest aspects of the game are just mediocre.

The controls on the other hand are terribly unresponsive (sheesh do I really have to shake the Wii remote for 1.5 seconds before Mickey whacks the object?). Add to this that the camera seems to constantly pitch your view in the wrong direction causing many unnesseccary deaths and setbacks. I rated this game as 'hard' but only because of the terrible controls and camera system - the game may actually be easier if this weren't the case, but we may never know. In any case, a game shouldn't be 'hard' just because the controls and camera work against the player.

One last thought concerning Warren Spector - a developer I've had great respect for over the years, beginning with 'The Savage Empire' developed by Origin Systems back in the 1990s... if he goes down this path of hyping an otherwise mediocre game while leveraging his name as the 'man behind the scenes' he is going to end up in the same boat as Peter Molyneux (famed for Populous and Dungeon Keeper) who milked his name while developing the overly-hyped 'Fable' series - many consider him a joke now. Hope Warren doesn't make the same mistake.