Projector Screen at Alice In Wonderland's House Balcony

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Alice in Wonderlands House
Getting to the Projector Screen on the Balcony

(Copies of Posts by Katydiddd, then Mcbasilrocks)

1)  Do not explode a fireworks bomb and destroy the house, if you want to get all the projector screen film reels.  It is best to leave the left side of the house alone.

2)  Clear out all the monsters.  It is best to use paint on the box on the right side of the house, so a monster does not return if you go down and up the turnstile.

3)  PAINT  and prepare.   Paint the electric box on the right side of the house, the mushrooms, and the flipping card that is between the top mushroom and the balcony.

4)  PAINT  the garden to get the fountain flowing blue ink that makes Mickey invisible.

5)  Clear Oswald out of the way.  Playing Mickey on a half screen is easier than dealing with Oswald.  Even though I am playing alone, I go into co-op mode, and move Oswald a few steps to the left of the fountain.  Lay the other remote down, but move him every couple minutes, so you do not get a notice about an inactive remote, when you are making it through the balcony.  
Otherwise, a)  When you jump out of the invisible ink fountain, you bounce off his head, and lose ink; or b)  he follows you into the ink and jumps off your head; or c)  he gets in your way as you go to the mushroom; or d)  he respawns in front of you when you are on the bird's head.  (How do you pronounce mean-spirited developer who got fired!?!?)

6)  GET  THE  PIN in the upper alcove, if you want it.  Go into the invisible ink, and gently up the mushroom, bird, mushroom, into the opening straight ahead, to get a pin.  Do not double-jump, but go as smoothly and slowly as possible, waiting for the mushroom to get close to the ground.  Even though you cannot double-jump without losing too much ink, you can take long jumps, holding down the A button (or your jump button).  Then, go back down to the ink well and go for the balcony projector screen.

7)  Don't forget to move Oswald a step periodically, because the game is programmed to give you the"second-player not moving" message just as you are jumping to the balcony.

8)  HEALTH  can be gotten by spinning a couple plants.  Or, by going down the turnstile.  Thin a couple walls down there to see blue balls that you can spin for health.

9)  OUT  OF  SYNC.  Soon the first mushroom and bird head will be out of sync.  I figured that since they got out of sync so quickly, it would not be long before they made their way back.  I watched for over a half hour.  They never get back in sync, and I cannot make the jump without losing too much ink.
GO  DOWN  THE  TURNSTILE, and when you come back, they will be in sync.
Take care of any monsters, reposition Oswald, and start up.  (Everything has stayed painted and operational.)

10)  WHEN  YOU  GET  TO  THE  PROJECTOR, spin it so the Mickey head is on the left.  Or, if you are in a frenzy, like I am, pressing the A button over and over to get the projector screen to accept me as being in, maybe you can play co-op and get Oswald to get the film.  (Many times I screamed at the game that I had made it to the balcony, inside the doors, and got the A symbol, which I pressed -- only to end up back in the garden, minus health.)

IF  YOU  ARE  IN  THE  CARTOON,  and not on the path to get the film reel, there are two things you can do, and one thing you must not do.

For every other cartoon, if you missed the film reel, you can turn around, and go back into the projector screen to replay the cartoon.  DO  NOT  DO  THIS, because you will end up playing a different cartoon and coming out a broken house, so you can NEVER get the film reel.

To get the missed reel you can:

1)  While in the game, turn on a second controller and let Oswald get the reel.

2)  Come back later, through the Floatyard and front of the house, so you can jump up and go through the front of the balcony projector screen, again.

(This must be done before you break the side of the house, which closes the balcony, forever.)
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Dec 8, 2013, McBasilRocks posted his way which is valid and I can get to work, but it isn't my style, because I am more cautious:
It's actually perfectly possible to access and do the Paint version of the Prescott battle. Just follow these steps:-

1. When you reach the Alice in Wonderland section of the Floatyard, disable the Beetleworx Replicator and Ursula robot to clear a safe path. Paint in things around the inkwell to turn it to invisible ink, but don't jump in yet. If you look on the right hand side of Alice's cottage, there is a grey machine. Spray Paint at it to turn it orange, then have Oswald power it up. This will cause the mushroom platforms leading up to the closing door to move up and down.

2. Climb the platforms as normal, without invisible ink yet. When you reach the top mushroom, pan the camera round until you see Gus near the door. Spray Paint at the rotating claw in front of you to produce a playing card platform. Now head back to the inkwell and jump in.

3. Now, slowly creep over to the first mushroom and gently jump onto it when it is at its lowest. Then lightly jump onto the vulture head platform when you are near it. Continue slowly up to the last mushroom platform with little jumps.  Then have Oswald glide you over to the playing card platform you painted in earlier when it stops.

You should now have enough ink left on you to make a mad dash to the eye door and get inside. There, you'll find an alternative Projector Screen.
Hop into it and work your way through the cartoon.

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Any more tips?