Problem with EM2? Write to Disney Interactive or Disney !!!

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Problem with EM2?

OR, my bookmark is

Gamespot and Gamefaqs has reports from many players of Epic Mickey 2, who are having difficulties. So does joystiq and trueachievements.
I, personally, am so tired of being jerked around by Disney.
Whats your problem, and how do you feel?

** Are you having technical difficulties with Epic Mickey 2? (frame rate, freezes, glitches in awards, etc.)
** Are there gameplay issues? (camera movement, glitches in items disappearing, or Oswald)
** Do you think they advertised something they did not deliver? Did they sell you a pair of shoes, and when you opened the box, there was only one shoe inside? Are you being told that if you want the other shoe, you have to pay for a whole, new pair of shoes? e.g. pay for two pairs of shoes to receive one whole pair?

This is evidenced in Mcbasilrocks' find of advertisement footage:

Did you come to Gamespot and Gamefaqs, because Disney promised support at this site. and you arrived to find fumbling customers, and not knowledgeable, paid moderators or Disney employees?

I pre-ordered the original Epic Mickey Collectors' Edition and Hardcover Prima Guide.
I bought Epic Mickey 2 the day it came out.
So, when I had problems with EM2, I did what it said on the Customer Support Information page:
"To access support for Disney Interactive Studios on the World Wide Web, point your browser to and click on Support at the top of the page."
(no such page, redirected, no support button)

After a half hour I get to

Disneyinteractivestudios recommends going to and Trouble is, there is no such site as Eventually, I get to Gamespot, which has no paid moderator from Disney. We are all just muddling through. Disney sent me on a wild goose chase!!!

So, I returned to their site and filled out forms for gameplay, and wrote my question.
I received a form e-mail saying to go to and It was what they had printed on their site, for customers before filling out the form. Nobody even read what I wrote!!! The computer just sent a form reply.

If anybody from Disney Interactive had even gone to "" they would have seen that it doesn't even exist.
For two weeks I waited for a real reply, then received a survey asking me how satisfied I was with their service. WHAT SERVICE !!!
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So, in my case, it was only through the survey that I let my voice be heard. But, that may have been because I thought, at that time, that it was MY PROBLEM at being inept with gameplay.
(I am not a novice. I have been playing video games since PONG and ATARI. I learned computer programming on IBM key punch cards. My first home computer was around 1980, a radio shack TRS-80 that used BASIC. I had a Wii the first week it came out. I am not a novice. I know EM2 has intentionally mislead and abused us.)

(Not that Walt Disney and everything he begat had good business reputations.)

What are you going to do?
I paid for the rest of the game, and am going to get a coupon for the next game or a partial refund or another game although I have most of their other games, like Pirates and Toy Story.

I'm mad as ... and I'm not going to take it anymore!!!