Possible Epilogue Solution? Unconfirmed....

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There has been considerable hubbub about the message that appears during the Epilogue of this game: 'use the turnstile to open the way forward'. Well, I think I might have hit on something. Go to the area where Seth's flowerbed is in Mean Street and look into the distance - you'll see a strange structure standing on a rock spire that you haven't visited yet. Also, looking around the flowerbed reveals a manhole cover identical to the one used to access the Underground the first time on Mean Street South. These could potentially be connected, ie you use the manhole to reach this new area? Perhaps someone who has the time could look into this and see if my theory is correct..... or am I just going frogsticking without a light here?

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I have pounded on and around that manhole cover a bit with no result.

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Oh. What a shame. I suppose the hunt continues.... thanks for trying though. Do you have any ideas about the Epilogue?