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I just wondered if someone could help me out with something that's bugged me for a while. Starting a new game, play all the way up to the Mad Doctor's Attic, go inside the Vault and take a photo of the Mad Doctor's Diary. Gus then says something like 'I bet Daisy or Jack Kelly could use this for a news report!' or something like that, and then says 'Let's investigate the ruins of the Mad Doctor's Attraction!' (maybe another hint to the game's chainsawing; they're certainly not ruins!)

You can see this in action during YouTube user Apokhao's walkthrough of the game, here: at about 2:45.

I tried taking the photo on a new file, and then went to speak to Daisy AND Jack Kelly, but none of them took the photo, rewarded me or even said thanks! So, I'm confused.

Does anyone have any ideas about what this could mean?

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You are way over my head!  Sorry.

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Sorry; you're right. Looking back on it, I was a bit unclear. I was waffling - I often do that when I get interested in something! Anyway, all I was asking was if anyone knew if you could do anything with the photo of the Mad Doctor's diary. I've discovered that you can do it on any file, even after you beat the game. Go to the Attic and photograph the diary in the vault, and Gus reacts to it and tells you to take it to Daisy or Jack Kelly. Daisy won't take it, and I can't even find Jack Kelly!

So, the question is this: can you do anything with the photo, and where is Jack Kelly?

Thanks to all, and sorry again for any previous confusion I may have caused.

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You asked, "Where is Jack Kelly?"

Without going back to the game, I think Jack Kelly is the Ace Reporter that is in the camera shop.  Past Adelle and the photo album, there is a man standing there, who, in the beginning, tells you he wants photos, and, later, offers to take the photos you took.

After getting the pictures you take at certain markers, and showing them to the camera shop lady, Adelle, she asks if she can have them.

ONCE, I said no, and was going to give them all to the reporter, at the end of the game.  So, I kept all the pictures.  BUT, when I came back after the credits, he was gone.

I sure don't know where he went.  Make a list of all the characters who disappeared on me, and I'll get a complex!

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Did the Mickey-shaped camera sight turn green?

Or, was it a photo added to your count, that you could put in your album?

I've done several other games since EM2, like both Skylanders, and a used version of AE CREATE, and misc., while I'm waiting for the new Skylanders Swap Force in September.  So, like Moody, I don't rightly remember.  And, you can play Skylanders on the internet if you have one of the figures.  And, waiting to buy the PS4, because the future XBox 720 will not let you even play your own game disks, if you are off the internet MS Live for more than 3 minutes.  And, Bill Gates' licensing says you cannot rent, buy or sell used games. 

Anyway, I thought it would matter if the sight turned green while taking the photo of the diary.  And, Gus indicated others would like it before you took the pic, but what did he say afterward?

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So, the Diary exposes chainsawed parts of the game.

Are you still thinking about what you have for the chainsawed TV show or The Mad Doctor's New Ride?

The Island across from Seth is the Mad Doctor's New Ride.

It develops and changes as the game progresses, to look like the rollercoaster in California Adventure.

It should have been reached, also, with the manhole cover.

But, the biggest enigma, for me, is that I was told in EM1 that it is better to be a repairable animatronic, than to be a toon.

Until "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", I didn't even know that cartoon figures were self-aware sentient beings called "toons".  I knew that film cells deteriorate and can be thinned.  But, animatronics can always be repaired, especially with the knowledge of The Beetleworx, The Mad Doctor, and Prescot.

So, why would The Mad Doctor want to be a toon, instead of The Terminator?

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McBasilRocks, please reply "Uh-huh" or something if you see this.

I put in my 7th saved game, starting at the Mad Doctor's Old Attic -- long story short, the camera sight turned green to take the picture of the Diary, and nobody would even acknowledge it -- including Jack Kelly and Daisy.

Details:  When I arrived at the beginning of the attic, I turned around and spun the projector screen 4 times to warp back to MS North Cinema.  I talked with Jack Kelly to make sure the task was alive -- "You got a scoop, I pay big time!". 

I returned to the attic, and painted the cable on the floor, to climb to the rafters and zap the electric boxes. 

After Jamface opened the vault, I took out my camera, and when the camera sight turned green, and I took the picture. 

Then, I turned around and went back through the World of Evil / Mickey screen to MS North Cinema.  Like I said in the beginning, Jack Kelly and Daisy were still in place, but all Jack Kelly would do is repeat that if I got a scoop, he pays big time.

(Just like I am going to get rich from the third little pig, but every time I go back, I get nothing.)

IS  THERE  ANYTHING  ELSE,  since I have the game save files out?

(Too bad the game isn't a reasonable size, so saved games can be shared on the internet.)

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Hey katydiddd! Thanks for checking that out for me. The sight never went green for me - I'll try to show it when I get to the Attic in my walkthrough so you can see. 

You said 'is there anything else?'.... well.... *sheepish grin*.... well, yes there is, actually....

I just wondered, if you have a save file with you saved before Episode 2 (Bog Easy) if it is possible to go to Ventureland and go to the construction site before you're supposed to? Or if the game designers thought of that? Don't worry too much about it though. Just an idea.

Also, funny story - I once managed to elicit some weird lines from Oswald in the Attic on return trips, like :" I can't believe the Doc was up here this whole time!" (I can) and, standing near the cardboard cutout of Oswald: "Is that supposed to be me? Are you serious?" Did you ever get any of these?

Also, while you're in the Attic, I wonder if you have any ideas what those weird levers near the vault are, that you can pull on to make cutouts pop up.... I've never understood those. And why are they of Oswald and the Mad Doctor? How odd..... AND WHY IS THERE A WEIRD ANT THING HOLDING A CAMERA?! Sorry, had to get that one off my chest. Seriously, what is that for? I can push it around but it never seems to do much.... Huh.

Again, thanks for your help! I owe you one.

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1)  I got it to go green once, but not again.  Gus did not say anything when I took the picture.  It may be like I phenomenum I encountered in saved Zelda games.  In Zelda, you cannot press the button to skip a cutscene, unless you've already seen it.  BUT, when I erase a game and reload a previously saved games (like to get a second chance at a boss when I had a lot of fairies), the CONSOLE has kept the act that I saw the cutscene, and gives me the option to skip it.

2)  Before you do the Second Boss, you can do all of the first part of Ventureland (including buying me Anvils).  But, when you go up to the balcony, you can go through the first door in a tree, but a big character prevents you from going all the way through.

3)  Yes, I did get Oswald to say all those things, because I am much slower in going through places than you are.  I spend a lot of time taking notes and contemplating, and wishing I could turn down Oswald.

4)  The weird levers only do just what you said.  You stand near them.  Press and hold A, and pull them to get the pop-ups to pop up.

5)  I don't know what "weird ant thing holding a camera"  Is he supposed to be taking pictures of The Mad Doctor for his TV show?  I'll look.  The only thing I know is a paint-able cart on railroad tracks, with a handle.  It is, after all, The Mad Doctor's Old Attic that had all that stuff at the top of his mansion, like the ride in the attic of the Disneyland Haunted Mansion.

I'll go look.

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In case you or someone else doesn't know, you can "Make Your Own Way" (without help from Daisy or Smee) to the balcony above Ventureland, and go through the door leading to the Construction Site.

1)  Go buy me a TV from Bog Easy, (an Anvil is harder).

2)  Get on top of Daisy's Broadcasting Building.  If the train station still has rubble in front of it, jump from there to the building.  If not, thin part of the roof to make it lower.  Have Oswald fling you up there.

3)  Then, go to the right side of the roof, and paint a lower ledge, to jump on.

4)  A TV can be a temporary platform.  Balance a TV out near the end of the wooden thinner slew, and double jump to the top of the TV and onward to the Wooden Walkway.

When you fall a few times, there is very little healthy plants to spin.  But, you can quickly warp the projector screen to and from Mean Streen North Cinema by spinning the gear to get the Warp Mickey Face.

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OK.  The ant is filming The Mad Doctor -- and moving the camera back and forth in front of the stage, on the tracks, so the camera stays level and raised -- like at football games and TV shows.  Those pop-ups are part of the set on the stage.

BUT, if The Mad Doctor is filming while he is still animatronic, and getting famous (not forgotten), then why does he need to be a toon?

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California Adventure has "It's A Bug's Life".

And, look who's in the peanut gallery!  When The Mad Doctor is on stage, he sees all those people looking at him and loving him -- even old-fashioned Mickey.

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Here is the spot where the site turns green.

(Remember the problems some people had with the Hidden Mickey above Ortensia's house?  (I used Oswald))

- - - - -

and I think it was 1997 -- you have to copy & paste the link, because I no longer have AT&T, but web pages are archived