Oswald reprogramming?

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Alright everyone, I have been looking everywhere for the answer to this and have gotten nowhere. Hopefully someone out there can help me out! My husband and I are playing co-op on ps3. How in the world do you do the reprogram feature? For example, in the dioramas you have to use the remote to open the cages and defeat the different bad guys in them, and then you get a chest. The thing you point your remote at (what is that called?) starts with a countdown, and you have to do something in 30 seconds. On the screen it shows the R joystick, but we have tried everything. EVERYTHING. I'm getting really frustrated. Please, please help!
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You have to rapidly mash or rotate the button/thumbstick shown on the screen. In your case, you'll have to quickly rotate the right stick when told to, or mash the button it tells you to if the prompt changes. If all else fails, just have the player playing Oswald drop-out and let the AI computer-controlled Oswald reprogram it - you don't have to do anything, and Player Two can hop back in once the job's done. Good luck, let me know how it goes!
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I do not know. Others have written with the problem. People playing one player switch to two players, and move Oswald around. Maybe, you can switch from two players, and have Mickey call Oswald over, (on my console it is a very quick minus, on yours it may be the R2)., Then, point at what you want electrified, and press the minus. The symbols will appear for Oswald to do something, and you press the button (your R2) again. - - - - Even though I am playing my fourth time through the game, I still run into problems. Like, the generator / replicator in Bog Easy Old Town has 2 spinners protecting it. I drop a clock, as usual, and drop a TV for them to watch. But, when I call Oswald over, he turns around. At first I thought I needed to do something, like have the spinners break the wall, first. I dragged a fireworks bomb off the roof and opened the wall, but still nothing. I wanted to do everything nice & paint, in order to get to a projector screen later on, but I was stuck. Then, I thinner out the control box and repainted it, and it worked. - - - - - In the Floatyard Canyon, I can spin to get the train cars out of my way, and after 20 spins, I notice that Oswald is either playing with his remote or spinning ineffectively a few feet from the controller. So, I spin him out of his groove, and I use the other lever. - - - - From what I understand, you cannot really PLAY AS OSWALD. Oswald is only available if you get someone else to play as Mickey. And, Oswald cannot just go and activate switches without Mickey pressing a button to call him over (even if he is already over there), and Mickey must press a button to tell Oswald to electrify things. - - - - To befriend machines that are operated by ink splatters inside their heads, Oswald has to shock them, Mickey has to jump on their heads to see the splatter inside, and Mickey has to spray them with paint. OR, drop a TV, and the splatter comes out to watch, and you can paint him. Otherwise reprogram the generator.
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I figured this out. It's far from obvious, and even the Prima guide says nothing about it, but here's what I figured out (360 directions, but I'm sure they'll help for PS3 as well) The Oswald player should target the control box or enemy to reprogram and pull the right trigger until a solid arc of electricity hits the target (which looks different from the usual rays of energy you shoot when you're charging or zapping something). Once the "connection" is established, let go of the trigger, and move the right stick around. You'll notice at a certain point that the wavy rays coming from the remote change from deep blue to a greenish color. When you're in the "perfect" position, you'll see the deepest green color, and green flashes coming from the remote. After about 3 or 4 flashes, the option to hit A will appear. Sometimes after hitting A, you'll succeed in reprogramming the target, but for most things you have to run through the entire sequence twice. It took me forever to figure this out, but after I did, I find that I can now reprogram just about anything in about 15 seconds. Hope that helps anyone out there still fighting to figure out how to play this sadly under-documented game.