I'm making a video walkthrough

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As a faithful member of Gamespot, I feel it is my duty to assist those in need, particuarly those on this forum, who are often asking perfectly legitimate questions about Epic Mickey 2 - believe me, I was as confused as you were when I first got the game! 

With this in mind, I have decided to, much like I did with EM1, produce a video walkthrough of EM2. In it, I will be covering everything required for the good 'ending' as well as locating most of the pins and having a bit of a rant about how the game was produced, 'tested' (in massive sarcasm quotes) and, ultimately, truncated. The first video can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kC2Enh3V7f0&list=PLc9URPMS0fNB0WHovKFLNyPkTHlPw6gvN&index=1

I've also attempted to inject a mild dose of humour into the playthrough to make the whole experience at least vaguely entertaining. I hope you enjoy it.

I hope that the walkthrough will cover most of the questions everybody poses to me, but, as always, do not hesitate to ask about the game here and we'll do our best to help you.


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i was watching your walk through and though i'm way past the point you started your videos. and i have a PS3 i did notice a difference in one thing so far. in the underground when you had made a remark on how you can't go up the other side after you fly over with oswald. well on the PS3 you have to on both sides paint in the steps and you can go up there. and the gremlin you rescue is a bit further up. meaning you have to paint the steps and go over to him and than let him free. so i guess they did change some stuff for the various systems. 

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I found it entertaining and informative.  Great way to add the Mysteries.

I'd like to add:  When you want a watch sketch to fix the train station, get the money for the watch sketch -- even go into the underground, turn around and come back out to reset the spinnable things, and get the money for the watch and train station.

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Your amusing commentary makes the game so much better!

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Alright. Job done. Sorry if I offended you; I certainly didn't mean to! I just wanted to show my appreciation for you subscribing to me; like you say, it really helps! Having people subscribe to you on YouTube is actually a very good thing. You can change it so people can't see your uploads/comments etc. and it shows that people are interested in your work! But you are a person with every right in the world to refuse this, so I respect your wishes and have unsubscribed.

Thanks again for letting me know and for all the kind support you've given me on my EM2 videos. Much appreciated!

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OK, parts 16 and 17 of my walkthrough are up, but that's not why I'm posting.

Towards the end of part 17, I get stuck in Bog Easy's graveyard. I'm not entirely sure why. Can anyone provide an explanation for this?

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Bog Easy Graveyard Gates Shut:
I just woke up, haven't seen the video, and haven't played in awhile, but there are several things to do:
1)  Move the statues, so they all face the center grave, if they are in the right place, they will no longer move (the one that is facing the furthest left will be placed the furthest right);
2)  Paint and thin the emblem in the middle of the back of the fence;
3)  Try to paint or thin the emblem in the crypt on the right;
4)  Thin the grass on the left and 2 trees;
5)  Talk with the spirits;
6)  Go near the gates to see if they open when approached.

EDIT:  I have had the gates shut on me, too.
Okay, so I opened up a saved, finished, speedrun game, and went to the graveyard.

The first time, I could not get the gates to shut.

Reloaded the saved game, talked to Donald immediately, talked to the deed man, and talked to Gilbert while he was still inside the graveyard.
Gates shut!

I moved the skinny, balding male statue to the correct spot on the right, Gilbert lied that it was wrong, and the gates opened.

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SPOILER:  (Everything I write in this game is a spoiler.)

The first time I went into the graveyard, I was locked in.

Each of the knobs at the head of the graves is a different shape.  So, I thought that there would be a corresponding hole in the bottom of each statue, to move the statue onto.  One knob looked like a round, stovepipe hat, so I tried to move the statue with the stovepipe hat onto it.

I moved and moved, and NOT  ONE of them would go onto any knob, but one got stuck between the knob and the background.  I could not move it.

It took me awhile to realize that they belong behind the knobs, and the key was the way they face.

(I had played the through the game several times, for two weeks, before I bought the guide, hoping to find out how to fix the fountain, and move forward in the game.)

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THE  BOG  EASY  GRAVEYARD  has elements of 6 different tasks:
1)  Statue Puzzle for Donald's Tug Boat Gear to repair Tug Boat for his Date With Daisy;
2)  Fake Gear for Prank on Gremlin Sparks, for you to be able to buy 3 Concept Arts at the Bog Easy Old Town Ghost Shop (especially handy for Xbox and PS3 game replays);
3)  Thin the 4 pop-out, money-givers for Not So Sleepy Hollow that are in the Graveyard (grass on left, emblem in back, and 2 trees);
4)  Then, paint them and other things for Jug Band Ghosts (talk with both of them);
5)  Bomb a wall;

6)  While invisible, Spin the Magic Hat inside the crypt for A Friend In Deed (if you had decided to choose Bertrand to stimulate the economy and grow the area's money supply, as money gets passed from one person to another, and not have Bertrand's family and all those he supports get thrown out on the street and become a burden to the community -- instead of telling Metairie to share the shop or work at the shop, and sleep there).

EDIT:  Do not spin  ALL  the Magician's Hats (or paint ALL the telephone boxes) before getting the quest, because it will mess up the game giving you full credit.  (The makers of the game are mean-spirited.)

SECOND  EDIT:  One time, when I did not choose Metairie, I was able to get credit for her 3 pictures Challenge, anyway.  Another time, I could not.  I do not know how the flow chart and triggers work.  Since the Wii cannot get all the challenges in one game slot, anyway, it didn't matter to me.  But, it might be of interest to those of your audience, who are playing on other platforms.

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We have picked up tips from each other.  Today, I even learned something from you!
In Video 18, you go through Alice in Wonderland's balcony screen again.
When I played, it was about my third game, before I made it through that screen.  Every time I would get up there, and actually make it so it gave the "A" button prompt to enter the screen, the doors would close over me, flattening me into a puddle, and having me reappear in the garden, minus a lot of health.

Eventually, I learned a lot of tricks, and shared them in a post (now edited).


In the meantime, I got so that every time I saw the "A" prompt, I would mash "A" repeatedly, to enter the screen.

Needless to say, that put Mickey on the wrong side to get the film reel, and I didn't think it would be necessary to switch to Oswald, because all the cartoons can be played repeatedly.

So, when I made it to the end of the cartoon, I turned around, and went back through the cartoon.  (That works for every other cartoon, that when you get to the end, you can go back through to where you came from.)
But, I came out on the broken side of the house.  I didn't break it, but that was the way the game was programmed.  And, you cannot go through the balcony projector screen once the house is broken.

So, all these months, I thought you only get one chance at that film reel.

So, today, I was shocked when you entered Wonderland, and hopped right up there, to go through the balcony screen.

I guess the program will let you go through that cartoon again, from Alices side, but not from the Arena side.

ANYWAY, see, I am still joyfully picking up tips from you, too.
Thanks to you, too.

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Thanks for all the support! It really helps. Just wanted to show you something cool; my efforts have been noticed by another YouTuber called Clyceer. He gives me a shoutout near the start of his EM2 video here:


Which I think is pretty cool. Also, just wanted to let you guys know that I'm currently gathering information and evidence on a little EM2 theory I've been working on for some time now, so expect an article on that soon.

Also, katydiddd especially, it's great to hear you're picking up tips! I've never had issues entering that screen before. Have you?

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Mcbasilrocks asked, " I've never had issues entering that screen before. Have you?"

Katydiddd answers, "YES!!!"  There is only one projector screen that goes back from Prescott's Arena to Alice's House (Unlike the first boss that goes back to both parts of Disney Gulch). 

Even if i get to the arena from the Balcony Projector Screen, when I turn around and spin the projector screen, I return to the broken side of the house screen. So, even if I did not break the house, it is broken, there is no green steam, and the balcony shutters are closed.

And, that 2-D cartoon from Alice's Balcony did not show up in the Cinema.  When I would choose to go to Prescott's Arena, it was always the other cartoon.

Saved games that I have with all 16 film reels were the result of missing many times, because I took the time to push into the house and spin, spin, spin.

When I would CONTINUE playing for tasks and pins, I would skip that area, because it does not have anything.  I would warp to the arena for a Hidden Oswald, or other areas of the Floatyard, but not to the balcony!  Even for that last film, I would jump to the arena, then go run past the slobber, to use the only projector screen that goes to Alice's House.

I'll check out the link that you posted, now.

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When you go to Clyceer's site that you linked, and press "Show More", he gives a link to your Channel of Awesome.

BUT, he does not call his walkthrough  "Epic Mickey 2".  It is a common mistake for those who did not play the original Epic Mickey on Wii.

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Mcbasilrocks wrote:  "Also, just wanted to let you guys know that I'm currently gathering information and evidence on a little EM2 theory I've been working on for some time now, so expect an article on that soon."

My Reply:  Maybe you want to, also, do it and some of your other material as  EDITORIAL  BLOGS.  You have an excellent, concise writing style.  That would give you a bigger audience.


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Are you going to give Captain Hook's Costume to Daisy -- or get the "Make Your Own Way Challenge"?


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I'll probably just give them to Daisy to show the 'full' way of doing it, and then just mention and explain what the achievement is.

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Great Walkthrough!!!

RE:  25 minutes into Part 20 -- I think that if you paint in ALL the phone boxes, before you get the assignment, you cannot get credit for doing it the third pig's way.  But, you can still go to the Mean Street Cinema, where you can still make a deal to do it the first pig's way, and get credit for the quest.

If there is at least one phone box that you have never painted, then, when you talk with the telephone in Mickey's House, she will tell you the area where the unpainted phone boxes are.  Paint them and come back. 

(Save your game, and try it both ways. )

- - - - -

The Quest you absolutely cannot get a check mark for is spinning all 5 of the Magic Hat Bunnies prior to giving the deed to Bertrand and getting the assignment.  Bertrand will still open shop and let you play for the two pins, but you can never get the check mark for the quest and the Perfectionist Challenge.

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Oh, OK. Thanks for the tip-off. I'll correct myself in Part 22.

Also, about your recommendation with the blurb; I don't really understand what you mean. Would you explain please? Thanks.

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Oh, don't worry about that. That's actually the name of his YouTube channel; I asked him, and he doesn't mind. The whole Phil and Gerald thing was purely for comedic effect and not serious anonymity. Thanks for pointing it out though!