Help getting Clarabelle as Horace's Assistant

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I gave the compass to the pirate I didn't know about that until later. When I went to visit Clarabelle she said she wouldn't be his assistant unless he asks her. Anyway, I went to Horace and he was saying she would never be interested. I have the letter but they keep saying to hold onto it unless you can convince him otherwise. I did all the costumes for the spatters for Clarabelle too. I'm not sure what else to do, Any advice?
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First, a lot of the quests in this game are really messed up.

All I can suggest is to keep talking with Clarabelle, Ortensia (the cat who lives next door and is the mother of the bunny children); all the pirates, and Horace. Settle for what you can get, if you can get the pirate to be the assistant.

When I went through it, I kept talking with Horace, Clarabelle, and Ortensia -- and, of course, the note went nowhere.

So, I changed my mind and went to the pirates. Talking, taking photographs when the camera site turned green, confronting the pirate holding the compass, and taking the compass to Horace -- so he decided that the pirate did not have enough compassion, and wanted Clarabelle.

Finish the quest any way you can get it, this time through. Or, if you have a saved game, go back to it.

ANOTHER HINT -- as you go through the game and do "One Toon's Trash", do not put the deed to the Bog Easy Old Town House in the museum, because there is a glitch getting a check mark for the Quest, even though you are capable of finishing either fork of the quest, and having happy tenants.

LET US KNOW HOW IT TURNS OUT -- just keep running around, and accept anybody as assistant.

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Thanks for your help. I will try my best. I have the guide but it hasn't really said much about this whole issue. I will keep you posted.
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(Don't worry about it this time thrugh the game, or at this point in the game. There is still a lot of headaches after the ending scene and credits.)

The Prima Official Game Guide, which thanks Disney Interactive for their info, lies to us.

I bought the game the morning it came out; I bought the guide 2 weeks into the game, and it is so wrong on so many issues.

The soft cover guide lists the Quests after the walkthru. On page 295 it discuses "Horace's Assistant Assistance". It lies about how to get Clarabelle to be the assistant. Check out the internet forums. Everyone who follows the guide and tries to pick Clarabele runs into the problem of not being able to give the note to Horace. Only if you follow the other path, too, do you stand a chance. Others have complained about messing up by thinning out the compass thief or giving the compass to its owner.

For example, the guide tells you to use the things that you get, but, if you have read my posts on the "One Toon's Trash", in order to get all the Quests, you have to sell 20 items to the Museum. You cannot complete all the Quests in the game if you follow the guide.

(I'm not talking about challenges that are just for fun, these are Quests.)

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Well, I just read the description it said she needs to cheer up the spatter in her house first. I gave it the flower costume and I gave all of the other flower costumes to them too and her garden is complete. I don't know what else to do for the spatter.
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Go to Ventureland and work on getting the first fat pirate you see to be the assistant.  In the beginning of the game he says he used to work with Horace the Detective.

Then, go to Horace.  Keep pressing the talk button, and talking to each of them until they repeat themselves.

Getting anybody to be the assistant completes the quest.

Someday you may walk into his office, and Horace may have an assistant.

(Remember this game has technical problems, and was written by mean-spirited programers.)

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I already have the pirate as his assistant but it keeps saying that the spatter needs to be cheered up in order for her to become his assistant.
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There are a lot of glitches in the game.  Your Quest for "Horace's Assistant" and "Clothes Make the Spatter" are probably checked off in your list of Quests on a page in your Pause Menu.  Give up on that one, they are finished.

Just for fun, did you go out Clarabelle's back door and paint her garden and see things?

By the way, if you pleased Ghost Ian in Blot Alley and Fort Wasteland, you can take the film at the Movie Theater to Blot Alley and talk with Ghost Ian.

He may want you to pick up some things for a total of 100 cloths...

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You said you gave Clarabelle the flower costume.

When you go back inside Clarabelle's red barn, is the Spatter that is inside wearing a flower costume?

Is she watering the Spatter and talking about how happy it is?

If not, did you get a good flower costume from being nice in Fort Wilderness battle and exiting the movie projector?


Did you thin the Spatters and Slobber, and have a rock fall for your exit, and receive a tattered flower costume?

If the costume was tattered, did you have to take it to the Haberdasher Hat Shop to get it renovated, before taking it to Clarabelle?

- - - -

The only way I can tell what is in my inventory is to go to the museum and click on SELL, just to see.  Then exit.

- - - -

I still think it is just a program glitch -- like Gremlin Gus always telling me to buy a TV sketch whenever I am at the Bog Easy Shop -- even though I have had the TV sketch for a long time.

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Yes, the spatter is wearing it and she is saying how happy it is. But before I talked to her about Horace she said she needed to find someone to watch it before she accepts it. I did paint everything in her garden.
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If you ever play a new game, again, do not give the compass to that pirate.

The way I got Clarabelle to be the assistant was to do all the Clarabell things, and could not give the note to Horace.  So, I talked to all the pirates, took a picture of the thief, talked with the thief and got the compass. 


In a cutscene, Horace decided that his pirate friend did not have compassion, and he wanted Clarabelle.  I left, returned, and there was Clarabelle -- WITH  HORACE  UNHAPPY,  BECAUSE  THE  SPATTER  IS  IN  THE  DETECTIVE  OFFICE !!!

Someplace else in the game, one of the characters says that Horace will not change his mind.  I guess it is true that Horace will not change his mind, once the pirate is the assistant.


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I guess I should let it go. I don't think there is anything else I can do.
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Okay, this is how I did it. So, Horace needs a new assistant, right? I went to Venture land to talk to the fat pirate in the blue that Horace tells you to speak to. Fat Blue Pirate Guy says that he wants his compass back from Scurvy Pat. If you ask Scurvy Pat about the compass, of course he says he doesn't know what you're talkin' about. You can either thin Scurvy Pat out and take the compass, or, if you stand a couple feet away from Scurvy Pat, you can see him take out the compass that he says he doesn't have, and take a picture of him in the act. (DON'T thin him, if you do and take the compass back to Horace, Horace gets mad and doesn't want your help anymore...) Then you go talk to Scurvy Pat to let him know he's been caught red-handed. He hands over the compass and tells you his Sad Story about his Mum's Pin Collection and such, then you take the compass back to Horace. Horace then realizes that Fat Blue Pirate Guy doesn't have enough compassion and that he wants someone else as an assistant. So then, you have the problem with Clarabelle where her Spatter is unhappy. If you haven't gotten the Flower Costume from Ian The Ghost at Fort Wasteland as a gift after you be-friend all of the Blots, then you can go to the Haberdasher (building with the big hat on top) on Mean Street South and buy a Flower costume with some cloth. Take the costume to Clarabelle and she gives it to the Spatter. Now it should be all happy. Then is when you receive the note. But, Clarabelle still can't go to work for Horace because she says that there are lots more Unhappy Spatters out there and she won't go unless Horace ASKS for her to. But he won't, because he thinks she wouldn't be interested...yet. Sooooo, now you have to go back to the Haberdasher and buy all of the Flower Costumes he has. Take them back to Clarabelle, and give every single costume to her, until she says she doesn't have room for any more Flower Spatters. Now, all the Spatters are happy and so is Clarabelle. Go back to Horace, and give him the note anyway, even though Clarabelle says not to because he's "protective". He says all this sweet stuff about how Clarabelle had a good heart to take in the Spatter and all this other stuff and now he wants to ask her to be his assistant. So then leave the Detective Agency, then go back inside and Clarabelle should be sitting at the desk and she's his assistant now. The Spatter is also by the desk with Clarabelle. It worked for me. (:
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See the mistake I made was is that I didn't give the compass to Horace. However, when I went to see him he wasn't thrilled with Jones' detective work skills. I purchased all of the spatter costumes and she is watering that one spatter constantly in her kitchen. I do have the note but Gus keeps saying hold onto it until we can convince him otherwise.
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Aaah, I see... I had messed up on a lot of quests, so after I beat the game the first time (I think I beat it... Idk cause I really didn't do much. The game is pretty short.) I started a new game, because after the credits, Pete takes Prescott into a projector, soooo I was hoping that maybe if I finished all the quests that something else would happen and I'd find out what the heck happened to Prescott and such, but I don't think it's gonna happen. Lol. I'm kinda disappointed! They're probably going to make an Epic Mickey 3 or something and we'll have to buy it just to see what happens.