Heads up Achievement

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What is the trick for this achievement? I tried one game with Mickey and another with Oswald. The only thing I didn't do is get all the pics for both M and O before turning them in to Seth. Is that the trick? I am about through with this game but I'm curious now
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"Heads Up" Challenge comes AFTER the three Episodes of Hidden Heroes has been accomplished, and after you return to Seth with a photograph of the statue in Ostown, that matches what he has planted in his flower garden.

I got Hidden Heroes and Heads Up with Oswald. (Oswald also makes it easier to do the "Thanks for the Memories" with Moody staying in his house.)


I was very careful about not taking ANY pictures of Mickey.

When I got the assignment for Hidden Heroes, I did not even erect the statue of Oswald until later. (Definitely not Mickey)

I avoided taking pictures in Mean Street and the Underground, because I need them for later. There are plenty of Oswalds to meet the quota of 7 in Episode 1 (From Ostown to the first Boss.) There are enough for Episode 2 from Bog Easy to the Second Boss (but I did use one from Mean Street).

In Episode 3, from Ventureland to the final boss, I only know of 2 Oswalds, so I saved the Wildcard Area of Mean Street and the Underground to use for that Episode.

- - - -

I started taking the pictures under Ostown, and carefully took them. If I did not have enough, I would take two in Ostown, by the train station.

After the boss area, I returned to Seth, and he asked me if that was how I want the garden to look. I said yes, and the jerk said he still wasn't sure, and told me to go get more. Looking in my Quest Log, I was now collecting for Episode 2.

(Before, when I would come back to him, he would say, Keep Looking, and I would thin him down to a puddle. I think he is the thief from Epic Mickey -- who stole Horace's book and Clarabelle's flower, and blocked my path during a race -- or at least he gets me mad, so I thin him!!!) (You can always reconstitute him with Paint.)

After each boss area ends an episode, I check my items in the quest and return to Seth.

- - - -


I keep going back and forth, to Seth, and to Ostown, and had goofy construct the statue of Oswald, and took a picture of it, and talked to Seth, and went back and took another picture, and soon he has made the flower garden with Big Blue Oswald Ears.

Maybe the dumb, sadistic game counted my first picture as being for Moody, or maybe the game would not start the "Heads Up" challenge until after I saw the Oswald garden and talked with Seth a couple times (and took my own picture of it for MY album).

THE TRICK: recognize the sadistic nature of the designers, and run around like a chicken with its head cut off. There is no logic to the criteria of many of their tasks.

- - - - -


Only after you are sure of completing and getting credit for Hidden Heroes, Heads Up, and Thanks for the Memories (if you are helping Moody), should you do the Heroes of Wasteland.

For me, it didn't matter that I had retrieved Mickey's head from depths, beyond where I found Oswald's Head. The guy in the Gag Factory still charged me the same to put Mickey with Oswald. So, in the future, I left Mickey's head down there, so there wouldn't be a mix-up constructing Oswald.

NOTE: IN CONSTRUCTING THE STATUE OF OSWALD -- I have never been able to get his other leg, but the game says the statue is done!!!

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Thx. I had done everything but take a pic of the statue and return.
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For others, eventually, you can go to the stores in Mean Street, Bog Easy, and Ventureland and buy Hero Maps, where you can click to find a lot of info about Quests and Challenges.