Game worker claims '120 endings'

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I agree with you.  Then, I looked it up and found a You Tube Video that has both the good and bad endings on one video:

"120 endings"  There are lies; damned lies; and then there are statistics!

There are two endings with the Mad Doctor -- paint and thinner.

AFTER  the ending, there is a parade with about six significant variations, like

1)  The First Boss Dragon -- paint or thinner mode;

2)  The Second Boss Prescott's Machine -- paint or thinner mode;

3)  Horace and Clarabelle;

4)  Donald and Daisy

5)  Spatters & Ghosts

6)  The Slobber

I guess you can exaggerate the deceitful, lying statistics into a tree

Scenario A)  Doctor Paint, Variables 1 - 6 Paint;

Scenario B)  Doctor Paint, Variable 1 Paint; Variables 2 - 6 thinner;

Scenario C)  Doctor Paint, Variables 1 & 2 Paint; Variables 3 - 6 Thinner;

Scenario D)  Doctor Paint, Variables 1-3 Paint; Variables 4-6 Thinner;

Continue all the variations, and that is how he could get many "ending scenarios".

- - - - -

In my opinion, the writers of the Prima Guide Book did not play the game.  There are too many errors.  I bought the book a couple weeks after playing the game to the credits.  I could not find a way to "restore Wasteland" the way the game was advertised, including restoring the Ostown Fountain and doing the Epilogue to find a way forward into more game.

The book acknowledges that the information came from Junction Point.  The book is wrong about many things. 

If you follow the Prima Guide's Walkthrough, you cannot complete the Camera Shop Quest or the "One Toon's Trash" quest.

If you follow the Prima Guide's Walkthrough and Quest Section, you cannot get Clarabelle to be Horace's assistant.

If you look at the Prima Guide Quest Section, it does not have the correct number of Gremlins to save.  All you have to do is go into the Pause Menu to find the number. 

There are many other examples.

So, how can they say they were so meticulous to count about 120 endings, and not know the basics of the game? 

I'd like to see that man's Saved Game!

EDIT:  CLARIFICATION:  I am talking about the Prima Guide Book that I purchased. Prima may have made changes to the online guide.  If you would like quotes from the book, I can furnish them.

Meanwhile, I have posted Topics on how to get Clarabelle to be Horace's Assistant, how to do "One Toon's Trash", where the Gremlins are trapped, etc.

And, we have tried to cover the many things that the Guide does not mention.  For example, I am grateful that this site taught me how to do all the 5 DECs, after getting the 16 films -- which meant going backwards over high gates.

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This has GOT to be the biggest lie any worker on Epic Mickey 2 has told. According to this extract from the official guide:

there are '120' different endings. What. There are two maximum. Mad Doctor lives or dies. What do you make of this?

Direct quote: 

The big challenge for the QA department was just testing all the possible ways to play through the game. There are few limitations on where the player can venture after a certain point in the game. So, testing all the variations we could was a very difficult challenge. We ended up doing hundreds and hundreds of playthroughs of the game in as many different ways that we could. We got every ending variation in the game, which added up to the 120 range, I think.

Chris B.


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I forgot to say Welcome Back From Vacation.

Hope you had fun!

(EDIT:  You mentioned it on your EM2 Video Walkthrough.)

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Let me say it again.  Prima Guide did not play the game at all!

THEIR  STATISTICAL  ANALYSIS:  To come up with the 120 endings range, they watched videos of the good and bad endings, and doubled out the 7 possibilities I mentioned in my previous post.  (Each variable in the tree has two branches, paint or thinner (heads or tails)).

2 -- 4 -- 8 -- 16 -- 32 -- 64 -- 128

The Mad Doctor had 2 possibilities (endings) -- Paint or thinner

On the next level, each of the Mad Doctor's 2 possibilities branches into 2 more possibilities for each of the First Boss Dragon's two possibilities (so, now Prima Guide figures it has 4 endings). 

1)  Mad Doctor paint; Dragon paint;

2)  Mad Doctor paint; Dragon thin;

3)  Mad Doctor thin, Dragon paint;

4)  Mad Doctor thin; Dragon thin.

They have turned the two endings of good and bad into 4 endings.

Next, for the Second Boss, they add 2 more branches to each of those 4 endings, to get 8 endings.

Keep doubling through the other variables;  Horace and Clarabelle;  Donald and Daisy;  Spatters & Ghost; The Slobber.

Then, you get the  BIG  LIE  (aka statistics) of 128.

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If you follow the Prima Guide Book, you cannot complete Seth's photo requirement of Oswald or Mickey for his garden.  You have used up too many photos in Mean Street and the underground during Episode 1 and 2.  Then, when you get to Episode 3, there are not enough photos in that area.

Clarification:  Episode 1 photos can be taken from Ostown to the first boss, AND the wildcard area of Mean Street and the Underground.  The area between Ostown and the first boss has plenty of photo opportunities.

Episode 2 photos can be taken from Bog Easy to the second boss, AND the wildcard area of Mean Street and the Underground.  The area between Bog Easy and the second boss has plenty of photo opportunities.

Episode 3 photos can be taken from Ventureland to the Final Boss, AND the wildcard area of Mean Street and the Underground.   BUT, there are NOT enough photo opportunities available from Ventureland and the final boss.

Now, you have seen the credits, and need more Episode 3 photos.  But, you cannot take those photos in the Episode 1 or 2 areas.  So, if you did what the Prima Guide said, and already used up the photo opportunities in the wildcard area of Mean Street and the Underground, then you cannot complete Seth's tasks.

EDIT:  Prima Guide can say they played the game hundreds of times, but the Book I bought does not reflect anyone even playing it once.  I think Prima received written material from Disney, watched videos furnished by Disney, and rubber stamped it.  The directions do not work.

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Hey katydiddd, I'd just like to thank you first off for giving me all that positive feedback on my Epic Mickey videos under the name 'Duncan Will'. It's a creative name, I like it. Secondly, the topic that lonlon was posting so aggressively on has been locked, so I think our voices were heard at last. He's commented on one of my videos, I responded calmly to him so we'll see how that goes.

Also, all this time I've been wondering who Duncan Will is, and I always had a hunch it was you! Now I know.

Again, thanks for the support, hope you enjoy the videos, and keep on posting!




.... and yes, as you probably know by now from lonlon's post, my real name is Bobby.....

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That  TOPIC  is changing by the minute on Game Faqs.

And, I am not the person he thought I was.  Sorry.

During your videos on EM1, I told you what I liked.  But, I, also, told you that they would not even let me click on "LIKE" without a lengthy sign-up.

Finally, for giving a thumbs up for EM2, I went through the sign-up process, but it would not accept katydiddd.

Now, we know why -- someone else is using it.

Anyway, I decided on the powerful affirmation:  Done - Can - Will.

One thing that amazes me about your walkthrough is that you are playing and commenting at the same time -- instead of many people who talk while viewing their previously recorded games.

Fantastic work and brain!

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I am into The Legend of Zelda.  I even buy the old, original games from the Wii Shopping Channel.

Areas are recycled, game after game.  In most of the games, there is a place called Lonlon Ranch.  You can go to a cow there, and play Epona's Song on an ocarina recorder, and the cow will give you milk, if you have an empty bottle.  Later, you can drink the milk to regain health.

Hence:  Lonlon (Ranch)  Milk  Lover

(He should know that names on the internet are not necessarily real names.)

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Yeah, 120 endings is just bullshit. Like, Katydiddd already said they are just playing on "variations" and statistics to manipulate the perception of the game in their favor. Look at the Mass Effect franchise for a proper game that had hundreds of DIFFERENT endings. EM 2 has two different endings PERIOD. The rest are just slight variations that have really no impact on the ending. As far as the strategy guide, can you really blame them? I mean EM2 is and incomplete game with so many problems imagine trying to write a guide for it when it was still being developed all while having to communicate with the airheads of junction point? It would be very hard.
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I think there is only  ONE  ending -- a parade for me.
No matter what I do, Wasteland in the parade looks the same, and people cheer for the floats and  ME.
The third little pig leads us to believe that there are thousands more forgotten characters than we see, because we are going to get rich selling his records to all of them.
So, one person out of thousands is redeemed or not.  What did the fate of The Mad Doctor matter to the way Wasteland looked in the end, or the lines the people on the street spoke?  They were mostly unhappy, and made me feel unfulfilled.

No matter what I did, I couldn't put Mean Street back together or get Mickey home, or do much.  
I still got a parade and was cheered, like you, no matter what I thinned or painted or repaired.

Your Mad Doctor and parade may have been a little different than mine, but there was not a substantial difference in the ending.  
I think there is only  ONE  ending -- a parade for me!!!

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Do you play Mass Effect 1, 2, or 3?

So, I looked up Mass Effect on Wiki.  It has highest marks.

and theyve added  Wii U to their Xbox, PS3 and PC versions

and they even have a Demo to download!

And theres a New Game walkthrough Ive started watching on
After making a multitude of choices, the player carried over a deceased character from the previous game.

It reminds me most of the original "Half-Life" game.
Thanks for the heads up.

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Since Mcbasilrocks got such extraordinary results contacting Junction Point Employee Artist Adam Fenton, are there plans to contact the interviewer or interviewee?

(I am not the one with the people skills and personality.)

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Do you play Mass Effect 1, 2, or 3?katydiddd

Yes, I've played all three!! They are excellent games!!

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Since Mcbasilrocks got such extraordinary results contacting Junction Point Employee Artist Adam Fenton, are there plans to contact the interviewer or interviewee?

(I am not the one with the people skills and personality.)


Actually I'm thinking about doing this. There is a slight snag, however; this 'Chris B' fella has no other pages online as far as I can see so it might be diffcult to find his/her contact details. Never fear though, I'm on the lookout!