First Turnstile Not working

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I have only been playing the game for about half an hour I believe I am in the Dark Beauty Castle per the walkthrough. The first section has the broken down machines, I painted gus which then sent a quake thru, and an entrance opened to the next area, there was a collectors pin, I grabbed that went thru and Gus is telling me to get on one side of the turnstile and push, I have tried pushing on both sides, but nothing happens. I am not sure if Oswald is supposed to help out, but he won't. I am using the control stick on the Nunchuk to try and move, when I am there the A button highlights on the screen, but that just makes me jump over the turnstile. I am playing one-player mode, so Oswalt is operated by the computer. Please help.
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Wait until the A button prompt appears, then stand very still. Hold the A button until both Mickey and Oswald have grabbed their respective handles. Once this is done, a small white arrow will appear above the centre of the turnstile. At this point, tilt the control stick straight up, not left or right, in the direction of the arrow. Hold it there. You should begin to ascend.
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Like Mcbasilrocks said, keep pressing / holding the "A" button down to grab and hold onto the turnstile handle. 

Don't let go; keep pressing, even after Oswald arrives, and even while pressing your "move" stick.  That way you are holding and moving the turnstile handle.

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Thanks for the help, was getting very frustrated.