Film Reels in Epic Mickey 2? Where?

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I've spent a good bit of time hopping around in two of the 2D sections so far--the DEC between Mean St and Ostown, and between Ostown and Rainbow Falls, and have not found a film reel in either. I think there are SUPPOSED to be film reels in the game, since there's a counter for them (along with cash) as you start your game from the launch screen. Anyone found a film reel yet? Is it set up differently?

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I have found 14 of the 16 cartoon projector films. (Not in the underground or DEC) I found them when I rotate the gear in front of the projector to have both of the top icons on the left. The films are often on an upper branch or roof. - - - - - The first cartoon is after Rainbow Falls going to the Gulch, where you build a building. Then Night on Bald Mountain. After the train ride out of the Gulch, there is a reel on the first area with 2 trains, or you can go across the platforms to the projector screen you see over there. BE PATIENT. You will find the screens, and learn to spin the gear to get different versions of the cartoon that will allow you to access the film reels. -----