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OK, so I got in touch with a Mr. Adam Fenton, who was responsible for most of the concept art of Epic Mickey 2, and thus would have a sizable knowledge about the game's past. Throughout the previous few months, several suspicions have begun to arise on this forum about the game being chainsawed in half, with incomplete plot points, and of course the infamous Epilogue message that instructs you to 'use the turnstile to open a way forward'. With this in mind, I contacted Mr. Fenton via the comments page on one of his EM2 drawings. I left him my email, asking all sorts of questions about EM2, and soon after he responded with the following message (note: the original message contained all sorts of grammatical inaccuracies which I have corrected for the sake of easier reading; the text's content, however, remains completely unchanged and as Mr. Fenton wrote it). He also attached some concept art which hasn't yet been made public on his site, Fenton Designs, so I'd check it out before Disney gets wind and forcibly removes it. Here is his response in full:

'Thank you for your enquiry. Now that Junction Point is down, yes, it probably is the right time to tell all. In the beginning, when I was first hired at Junction Point, Epic Mickey 2 was being kept relatively secret. Several ideas were thrown around, but the plot point that was finally settled on was my idea for the earthquakes and the Blotworx. As such, I designed the various Blotworx images you see here, most of which were rejected. In the original, we were going to have a much bigger, emotional plotline. Pete was going to have been helping out the Mad Doctor, acting as a spy on Mickey and Oswald. The Blotworx were going to be a result of a failed experiment by the Mad Doctor, and there was going to be this huge thing about the Mad Doctor siding with you halfway through to help stop them. As for Prescott, as my concept art shows, he was going to play a bigger role (I think one early script actually had him falling to his death!).

About my attached concept art: The Mad Doctor's original plans were to be thus: he would perform his musical number in the beginning. However, the weird Tiki thing he pops out of would have been what caused the earthquakes, as my concept art shows. Forget all the stuff about a TV show, I can tell you truthfully that that was a 'creative decision' on the part of Warren Spector once he realised that we couldn't finish the game in time. I remember this huge hullabaloo when he announced that - it was crazy. Concept art redesigns, voice re-recordings, it was one messy operation by the end, and that's why, and I can say this now that I've been sacked, the game is the sloppy, nonsensical mess that it is.

As for the Epilogue, that was actually a coding mistake, made by Junction Point's programming department. It wasn't until we were mass-producing that we found that turnstile text in the coding, but by that point it was too late. So yeah, I can honestly tell you that you were gypped out of what really looked like it was turning out to be an epic adventure.

I hope this answers your questions.

Regards, Adam'

So, this answers quite a few questions:-

- The Epilogue is not doable. Reputable Gamespot users such as katydiddd have sacrificed veritable chunks of their lives trying to figure it out, but it was never meant to be there in the first place (well, technically it was, but you get what I mean.)

- The story is incomplete. Mr. Fenton hints at a much bigger, better plotline that might have been on par with the original Epic Mickey. But we now know for sure that it was time constraints that led to its downfall.

- The Petes were never meant to be a 'sequel hook'. They were going to be a part of the story. But, as we know, Junction Point is kaput, so we'll never get to see what happens. I'm disgusted.

- Junction Point's 'programming department', as he calls it, made several mistakes. That would account for the game's unplayability, camera issues, slowdown and general unpolished-ness.

-And of course, all of our theories have pretty much been proven right all along. For the full account of our suspicions, click here:

And for a full list of the unresolved plot points, click here:

Enjoy them while you can. I would like to heartily thank Mr. Fenton for his blunt honesty and co-operation in the matter, and for helping us quell our doubts and put this to rest. I wish him the best of luck in finding a new job.

Well, there it is folks. I wonder where we should go from here.....?

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McBasilrocks, you did a fantastic job, as usual !!!

Thanks for getting all those answers.

EDIT:  Already some pages are off the internet:
Your URL:

and mine from Fenton Designs:

But, Fenton's Site says:  Epic Mickey 2 Will Be Back Soon

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Adam Fenton has his Epic Mickey 2 concept art up, again, along with illustrations:

I really like Concept Art #4 of 13, with Mickey standing on the claw, streaming paint toward the masks and Mad Doctor.  That background would have been more interesting to play (but harder to program), than a flat arena.

EM2 Concept Art:

EM2 Illustrations:

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Well thanks for the info.  But man I'm still just so dissappointed.  I feel cheated.  

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Me, too!