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I have the camera and have taken 6 pictures. i am pretty far into the game, but when i went back to camera store to unload photographs, there is a big metal sphere body blocking the door to the camera store. i can't get in, tried all ways, which also means that i cannot take any more pictures. i tried blowing up the metal sphere, tried dropping the anvil on it, tried green paint, tried blue paint - nothing.

how can i get back into the camera store?


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EDIT:  Previously, I thought it could not be undone, but I have learned that there are two ways:

1)  Gremlin Jamface will fix it for scrap metal.

2)  You can drag a fireworks bomb to the mess in front of the Camera Shop door, from the dispenser between the windmill and the cinema.  Then, have Oswald explode it.

- - - - - -

None of those 6 photographs for your album count toward anything except your pleasure, and a chance to take the pictures off your TV. 

The only thing you will miss out on is turning in the pictures that do not count on your counter.  (more on taking pictures, later)

You thinned something that made the water tower fall.

I think it is the thinning of the sides of the Robot in the Mean Street South fountain.  When you thin one upper-side of it, Oswald automatically zaps it, and Gremlin Gus warns you to beware.  If, later, you thinned the other upper-side, and Oswald zapped it, it opened up to reveal a lot of extra SCRAP   METAL.  And, somehow, that caused the water tower to fall.

Also, doing other thinner things contribute to it -- like bombing the entry to the construction site entrance to the DEC, instead of just paying to fix the windmill, and opening that door from within.

I do not know exactly what causes the water tower to fall in front of the camera shop door, but I got it to happen, once, when I was following the thinner path.

- - - -

NOW, about taking pictures.  When you have an assignment, like from Seth doing Hidden Heroes, or one of the pirates, Gremlin Kim by the Floatyard Stromboli float, or even from the camera shop -- the picture you take does not add to your counter, if you do it right.

When you see what is a Quest item, take out the camera.  Point at the item, and the Mickey Icon Sight in the middle of the frame will turn green.  Click the "A" button or whatever your picture taking button is  ONCE, and Gremlin Gus will say something -- like someone will really like that picture...

Once you have taken that particular picture, the Mickey Site will not turn green again.  Or, if you have already taken your quota of pictures in that area, etc.

Anyway, when you take a picture that has a green Mickey Site in it, and click it once, it will not add to the camera's counter.

SORRY, you thinned something and can never get into the camera shop again, in that particular game slot.

Save your game on an SD card, or whatever your console allows.

Do it periodically, so you will have a place to return to.