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I found a picture of oswald that I want to take, but I can't figure out how to pull the camera out!
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All you have to worry about is whether the "Mickey emblem sight" in the middle of the camera frame is green.

When you take out the camera and point at something, there is a clear, black outline of Mickey.  But, when you are pointing at something that is part of a Quest, it will turn green.  When you click on something, it will not count as a number in your picture counter, but Gremlin Gus will say something, like the person who gave you the quest will be pleased.

One BIG  TIME PROBLEM  is the Mickey above Ortensia's House in OsTown.  I went all over the place, even the roof of the Gag Factory.  But, what it accepted was a bad angle from the roof ABOUT 10 feet from the Mickey.

When you have the camera out, you will see instructions on what to press to zoom in -- but it will not zoom out any more than the original shot when you take out the camera.  (for me, the zoom in is the control pad's up and down, while left and right controls where the camera aims.)

Another very bad spot (most of them are bad and nit picky) is the cuckoo clock floats in a  tunnel, when you can only point at the pipes on the ceiling to get a "green Mickey sight.  There are enough places that you don't have to worry about one.

What you do have to worry about is covered in a Topic called "Heads Up".  It covers the problems with doing Hidden Heroes on Mean Street.

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The mickey emblem in the middle of the camera? I thought it only brings that up when you pull the camera out.
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You'rre right, that the Mickey Emblem only brings up when you take the camera out.

The edges of the frame have square corners, and the Mickey sight is in the middle.

But, when you are pointing at something that is the object of a Quest Request, like from the lady in the camera shop, or Seth's Hidden Heroes, or the Pirates, the emblem in the middle turns green.  Then, when you take the picture, Gremlin Gus compliments you.

In real life, you can walk around, looking through the lens of your camera, until you get what you want in frame.  But, this camera needs to be taken out, looked at, and put away, while you take a step, and try again.  You do have a very little way to zoom in, but not zoom out.

For Oswalds, that problem happens under OsTown, at the two Machinery Gears, and at the two Railroad track ends in OsTown, and at the one Railroad track in Bog Easy.  I've played the game many times, and still get frustrated trying to find the exact spot the mean-spirited game programmers decided to allow the picture.

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Oh, I misunderstood.  I thought you wanted to zoom out, after taking the camera out.

For the Nintendo Wii, you press the  1  Button to take the camera out.

Then press the  A  button to take the picture.

On the PS3, it is the Triangle Button to take the camera out, and look through the lens.

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Are you sure you went into the Camera Shop in Mean Street North and were given a camera?  Right after you walk out the door, the game makes you pull out the camera.

Also, I presumed it was a "Hidden Oswald" outline that you wanted to take a picture of.  YOU  CAN  NEVER  TAKE  A  PICTURE  OF  OSWALD'S  FACE !!!