Alright, I tracked this down. Prepare yourself for a BIG revelation.

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I won't say too much about this now, because I have a huge analysis of this about half-finished in Word. Read over it and tell me what you think. Long story short: the ULTIMATE proof that EM2 was going to be bigger. Even moreso than Adam Fenton's reply.

Read it. And view it. And wonder why this never got made. Oh wait. We know why.

Expect an article about this soon (I'll couple it with my Disney Gulch theory).

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Looks like Shane Seminole Mielke had some grand ideas -- so much potential.   

I didn't check the credits of EM2, to see if his name was really 4th in line in the finished product. 

Do you know when his contributing relationship with Disney / Junction Point ended?

He said what he did " in the early stages of the game development. "


You do excellent research !!!