all i can say is meh. really hate to say it, but i feel let down.

User Rating: 7 | Dishonored PC
all i can say is meh. the graphics are circa 2009 and the pc port looks terrible. it just does. Unreal Engine 3 shows many signs of wear. the gameplay feels like thief + assassins creed in first person. the game is not a true open world fps, where the "open" element exists within the confined areas you are given to do missions. i felt on a rail the entire game. item finding to build powers makes it feel like sleeping dogs. there is no sense of vulnerability in Dishonored. i never once felt threatened by anything that attacked me due to the overpowering abilities i had. to add to that, the A.I. is pretty horrific. its great to have alot of options when you want to kill people, but what is the point if they are just cannon fodder and stupid as bricks. its like wayne gretzky playing in the minor leagues. dialogue is nothing more than scripted cutscenes with no choice from the player. really hate to say it, but i feel let down.