Spamming Quick Save

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All I do in this game is spam quick save and quick load whenever I get spotted. Its like a crack addiction and I stop my finger from ramming the F5 key every 2 steps. Anyone else the same way? 

So far I'm liking the game for being somewhat of a combination of Hitman and Thief, although I think the depth of the missions could be a bit more, I find them somewhat... Plain I guess. The fun is in the travel, but the finding of the person is simple, so is the killing. 

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Yes I'm the same way. Probably worse. I will pop that F5 pretty much every time I pick something up, move 10 feet, kill anyone.

Maybe not quite that bad, but not too far off from that.

I've always been this way or for many years now, quicksave is a bad addiction.


Because of this, and the fact that it frankly looks better on my TV... I'm thinking of going back to playing this game how I was when I first started. On my TV, with my XBox 360 controller for PC. I switched to my monitor and mouse/keyboard after like the first mission, and I'm starting to regret it. The game looks washed out compared to the TV when seen on my monitor, it doesn't hold up to sitting this close to the screen, and with a controller in my hands I will save less often. Far less often.

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if a game allows me I actually bind quick load/save to G and H. it started for practical reasons, like doing everything in a game the first time through. nowadays it's just not possible with some games, but I still do it, literally just to satisfy myself of not being spotted, even though doing it over and over again diminishes any sense of accomplishment anyway. it's definately an addiction haha