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Hey there. I'm playing on very hard difficulty and I'm wondering about the civilians, particularly in the High Overseers office. Does anyone know if it counts as detection if they see you, even without the little lightning bolts? I'm going for Ghost obviously, and I've had to start the entire mission over several times because I just can't figure out who's seeing me.
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Haven't tried the highest difficulty, but i did get ghost. Near as I can tell, it doesn't matter if civilians see you in general. I've run right in front of many civs (they spoke to/acknowledged me) w/o breaking my detection rating. It will, however, break detection of they spot you doing something "aggressive". For example, you can't stab/strangle a guard in front of them. That will break detection. Same if they cross a dead body while you're in sight.

I had one run through a level where I lost the "no detection" rating for reasons that are beyond me. Best guess, a body dropped off a rooftop while i was near.

Also along those lines, a no kill run does not include the following (from experience): the enemies you encounter before the jail, rats, fish, and those pod things (not sure about dogs, but they were always near a guard, so i never messed with them). Also, to add to the above, if you sleep dart a guard, and he falls do his doom, it counts as a kill against you, so be wary of when/where you sleep dart them.

edit: you're not "detected", technically, until the lighting bolts turn red. Even at three (white) lighting bolts, you still aren't detected, officially. Best way to tell, with guards, is at three RED bolts, they will start yelling at you directly ("hey you, stop", etc)

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sorry, just read that again, only registered the civilians portion. Pretty sure that yes, if "the help", in the high overseers office detect you ift does count as detected. It's only a guess, but they are the only non-guard NPCs I've encountered that are actually capable of "detecting" me (read: giving a hoot about me being there). So yeah, pretty sure it matters if even the random people acting as "The Help" happen to notice you wandering around (again three red lighting bolts) you've lost the "no detection" rating. Forgot about those people, as they are the only ones to "notice" me aside from the guards.