Question about body count and dynamically changing the city

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Hey guys. Pertaining to the feature in which your choices dymanically changes the city. For example, a high body count attracts more rats and thus creates more weepers.

Well what if I have the run perk that makes anything I kill turn to ash? Does that still affect the game as a "higher body count" (even though theoretically it should'nt because there aren't any bodies)?

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Yes, it still affects the game. More rats and weepers are a result of the "chaos" you case in the world, not a direct link to bodies to rats, although it does make sense that way. Turning bodies to ash still causes more chaos than leaving them alive, but potentially less chaos than letting that body get found.
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Ive been throwing my bodys in the water whenever I can, does anyone know if the same thing will happen?
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yea I think its just kills in general regardless of how they happen, killing people gets you the dark evil ending and having lower kill count gives the good ending
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I usually try to avoid killing everyone...but it sort of just happens... lol.
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Basically any form of killing adds to the chaos.