Love the game way more then expected, looking for a helpful soul

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Loving the game so far but have a few questions.

1. I know killing people leads to high chaos but how does this work exactly? Does it work on a mission to mission basis? Or if I spend 4 missions not killing people then kill people and get high chaos for a mission will the next mission have a "high chaos" experiance or will the fact I spent so many missions not killing people still take priority? I hope you understand what I am saying.

2. What powers would invest in if you want play down the middle? Killing people when I want but for the most part sneaking around and such, so my chaos does not get wicked high? So far I have got both Blink and Dark Vision as well as Agility. Was going to get Shadow Kill next. Then was thinking 1 level of Wind Blast, max Bend Time, then 1 level of Rats and maybe 1 level of Health if I have enough. What do you think?

3. DLC add any more runes? Can you get any of the preorder bonus stuff as DLC if you didn't actually pre order?

Thanks for your time. Appreciate it.

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From what I got from the strategy guide (answering question 1) it's the first one scenario you mentioned, but I think it only affects the next mission it seems. Meaning even if you got high chaos in the last mission, it's possible to get a low chaos in the next mission and then the game will load a low chaos version for the mission after the one you got the low chaos in. The last mission however takes account of all the kills you've done in the previous missions. So if you killed 50% of total number of NPCs then it factors a high chaos. Magic number for going between high and low chaos is 20%. Under 20% you're in the low chaos. Higher and you're in the high chaos. The type of chaos affects the security, rat abundance, amount of guards, and amount of civilians for the next mission. Can't really answer 2nd or 3rd question since I haven't experimented that much or have the DLC, but the upgrade sequence looks okay to me, but if you prefer to be stealthy and kill only when you need to then I recommend to get Possession maybe? Possession's more for like if you're lazy and don't want to jump around as much, but it's more risky. Max Bend Time is really good for stealth so I'd recommend getting that before Wind Blast.