Dishonored - Mouse or Thumbstick?

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I don't care what the graphics are like on PC vs Xbox or getting Arx Fatalis for free, what I'm wondering is if using a mouse over a thumbstick makes gameplay much easier. For example: -When playing certain games on Xbox you may have issues aiming, with quick reactions and such, and when on PC you wont have that issue. -Controls varying, some games have awkward controls on xbox, and aren't re-mappable, whereas all PC games are. If anybody here has played a beta/demo version of the game (at E3 or wherever) what is your opinion on the mouse/thumbstick situation? And what platform was some of the "Daring Escapes" trailer footage shot on? I would love to be able to pick up the game on Xbox for the achievements, but I feel as it may play sort of slower than the PC version because aiming things like Blink might be tougher to do without a mouse.
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It depends on the person. I've primarily played games on the ps3 for the last couple of years, and thus I am more proficient with a controller than a mouse and keyboard. 

It sounds as if you play both console and pc, and therefore I think you will have an easier time playing it with a mouse and keyboard. 

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 if its anything like dark souls, assassins creed, mirrors edge etc it will probably be more enjoyable with a controller. if it requires any kind of precision aiming, then maybe a KB+M if it doesnt have aim assist.

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Even if you have tore up Battlefield 3 and have awsome precision with the controller.. just look at how much pressure the game puts on you to be FAST with both your aim and movement.

All the abilities you require you to aim/move very quickly in order to get your special kills right. Before, for example, the stop time ability runs out. K+M is more controllable and faster even with the fastest controller speed.

I think that it takes longer to become good at Dishonored if you play on console. Thats all though, it's nothing that matters much. When you get really good with your FPS games on a console you stop to belive in the whole "mouse aim is better" thing

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M & K for me.

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I use trackball and keyboard for things like Counter-Strike: GO and StarCraft 2, though lately I've tried out a gaming mouse instead of trackball (I have used it for like a month now and notice no real improvement in accuracy over trackball, and reduction in comfort so I will probably switch back...) but I also have a nice grey XBox 360 wireless controller for my PC.

I use that for a lot of PC games too especially ones that maybe were a little more consoley. Or a driving game, etc...

I played through Skyrim 200 hours with the XBox controller on PC. Best of both worlds, I got to play it with PC graphics, but on my nice TV (long HDMI cable going from PC to TV across the room) with the comfort of the controller... on my couch. At any time if I'd felt the need I could've switched to mouse or trackball but, I found that Skyrim worked well with controller. Kind of satisfying to havet hose triggers correspond to your two arms. And the rumbling is cool too.

With Dishonored? Who knows. I suspect I may want to play this one close up on my monitor not TV, but maybe not. Either way I tend to think I'll probably use the controller, but maybe I'll go mouse on this one.