Want a tactical RPG with a fun storyline and deep gameplay, THIS ONE IS FOR YOU

User Rating: 9.1 | Makai Senki Disgaea PS2
First i have to say that this score is for tactic rpg fans, not for action and fps gamers that dont like a bit of strategy.
Starting from the storyline, it is fun and gets you laughing in every cutcene(for people who like dark humor).
The graphics are not the essential in this genre, they look like a cartoon 2D map and characters but in next gen we could have a great game like this one but with the great graphics that could make even better,
Gameplay: deep, it gets you to master every thing in 20 hours although it has little secrets that only a dedicated gamer can notice. The weapon, armor etc. part is tremendous, getting all weapons in the game and complete the subchapters and doing all the final ending plus the enormous item world can take a 200 more hours.
The sound is not best, the musics are just right, but are not like the epic FF series soundtrack, the voices are funny and right for the humor type of this game.